The Physical Body as an Ally: Awakening Personal Power

An Open Source Forms Dance Journey

“The Physical Body as an Ally: Awakening Personal Power”

Description: This dance journey is a doorway into the unconscious, it creates a bridge between our inner life and vision and our outer expression into the world of matter. With the body as an Ally, we are going to have access to our physical, emotional and mental self, opening up to the “missing parts” of our being. We are going to awaken and store personal power, noticing body wisdom, feelings and direction of energy and we are going to follow them to reconnect to our Real Self and its true intent. Through movement, breath and voice explorations and the use of images, we are going to allow ourselves “to be danced” from our inner power.

For who: Open to everyone interested in the process of self-unfolding through the awareness of the body in movement, of the dancing body; to everyone curious to experience Open Source Forms Technique.

Open Source Forms Technique (OSF): is a tool for self-awareness that through the experiential quality of the physical self, guide us through the infinite layers of the self. OSF is a pathway into manifestation and as such it supports us into unraveling our inner world, it supports every act of creation, on stage as well as in daily life. OSF offers a method to access depth, specificity, courage, rigor, integration and freedom in movement, vocal practice and performance, and in the always, reach in novelty, present moment, in the always, transforming and surprising, “now” of our lives.

The dancing body is the way to become aware of ourselves, the others and the universe. Through dance and sound we experience our moving being in a moving environment, we experience ourselves in terms of movement and transformation. We, the witness, and the event that we are witnessing become one, we observe from within, we are involved in the experience and invited to be responsible for the contribution that our personal movement has for the universal movement.

The action of listening brings us into the now of each moment, where “allowing” supports the manifestation of a freer being, free in terms of movement and thoughts, free from preconceived ideas, holdings and unnecessary tension and able to experience openness, autonomy, flexibility and effortlessness. OSF sees the physical self as a metaphor for the different layers of the self, where the “letting go” on a physical level embodies the “letting go” on an emotional and mental plane. Through the use of poetic images and its power to offer kinesthetic awareness, OSF brings us into a state of focused surrender. Each image expresses a different “world”, characterized from a different quality in movement and stimulates changes in feeling, perception and awareness. Each image embodies an intention, it is a transformational vector, that guide us into the creation of a new self.

Language: English.

Where and When: 10.00h, 19 May 2017, The Living Village Festival, Dalfsen

Stefania Ammirata: is a dance artist, somatic educator, OSF certified teacher, Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner and Bio-resonance Therapist.


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