2024 – Upcoming Events

* The Skin of the Cosmos – Level 2

ShamaSomatic Constellations

An online training for deep explorers

September 2023 – April 2024





* From Tongue to Tail: The Unfolding of our Animal Body

A Cultivation of Pleasure and Expressiveness through Movement, Voice and Touch

In presence in The Netherlands

20 April 2024


* Training on ShamaSomatic Constellations

A Five-Days Journey into the lands of Shama, Soma and the Knowing Field

16th to 22nd of May 2024

Location: Olde Vechte Foundation – Ommen, NL






* The Forbidden Fruit

A ShamaSomatic Constellations Journey

Location: Torino, Italy

Info coming soon


* The Skin of the Cosmos 2024/2026 ~ ShamaSomatic Constellations

An Online Training for Deep Explorers

September 2024 – April 2026



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