The Skin of the Cosmos

“A ship is safe in harbour –

but that’s not what ships are for” – John A. Shedd

Oneness. One organism. One field.

A spiritual field that embraces the richness and diversity of existence in one breath. That holds the whole of life with the same love and the same presence. A full permission to life to be and move as life. Nothing is excluded, no distinction between good and bad, between right and wrong. Everything participates.

The whole of existence is contained within this field, from the spark of fire into the flow of water, from the grounding of earth, into the lightness of air. We? Just floating particles, held within the same cosmic skin.

One field of pure consciousness, or how Bert Hellinger calls it, the Spiritual Conscience. A conscience in service to a love which agrees to everything just as it is. A love in deep communication with the healing forces of life. A love that guides us into wholeness and truth.

When we are moved from this level of conscience, nothing seems hard and cruel, nothing is unfair. Love flows free of judgement and restrictions, giving permission to what we meet in our journey to be seen for what it is and to take its place within the skin of the cosmos.

We live in a world that experiences life through polarity. Something has permission to belong, while something else is excluded. But life wants to bring back together what has been separated. Healing always occurs when we include what has been excluded: anger, sadness, ideas, taboos, parts of our body, members of our tribes, dreams, strengths and vulnerabilities.

Life is relational. We are part of a field. Would it be our physical body, our family, our professional one……Exclusion is an act of denial to such a wholeness. As we do not consent to some parts of us to belong, we say no to our strength and to the possibility to give expression to our deepest longing to “become”. Our longings are actually what we are entrust to retrieve and weave into the tapestry of life.

They are our contribution to the cauldron of existence. The call of our ancestors that are asking for inclusion. It is the purest loyalty we can offer to who came before us. Daring to live what was unlived, to see what was unseen, to love what was unloved.

Hidden systemic bonds, unfelt family loyalties, and intergenerational entanglements are the scream of the excluded to be welcomed home. Do you know that feeling of being hold back? That feeling that whatever you do, your cannot proceed on, make your steps forward? Falling again and again into the same repetitive “movement”?

Healing is possible when we accept our belonging to the “whole”. When we allow ourselves to sense and feel, without wanting to exclude anything. Suffering and exclusion are acknowledged and everything and everybody is embraced from the same cosmic skin. We begin to feel at home within our body, a sense of safety might spark in our organism. Free from the entanglements of the past, we take our place within the movement of life.

Loves flows again, walking our path forward together with us.

* The Somatic Approach

What is intimacy? How can we find it, if we don’t allow ourselves to become “family” with our body? When we cannot even find our feet, how can we find the ground we stand on? When we don’t know, how our breaths moves. When we are not aware of the rising and falling of our belly, the tightening and softening of our tissues, the stream and flow of our blood. How can we know what pleasure is? What intimacy is? How can we then choose for nurturing and love? When we experience not belonging to our own physical body, how can we take our place in a larger system? How can we feel safe in the world, when we are not at home in our body?

Here is where we perceive and experience life. Sensations are in the body, feelings are in the body, expression is in the body, manifestation is in the body, determination is in the body.

This training wants to call us back home into all the forgotten parts of ourselves that are left unseen and uninhabited. It wants to walk home all the parts of our soul that are lost out there, entangled to what has been excluded.

Some parts of our body and its metaphorical truth as judged as not good enough and are left forgotten and isolated. Left empty, they become the host of the unseen. In this way, we lose our place within our skin and the strength that resides in it.

How do we turn our attention to these forgotten parts? By learning the ancient language of the body, we are able to hear and move with its messages (the body speaks to us through sensations, feelings and movement), reawakening our felt sense, and becoming master navigators of our inner as well as our outer reality with confidence. Freeing ourselves from false loyalties and all that occupies our lands.

Let’s stop looking at ourselves as a disconnected, isolated entity of some kind. We belong to our body. We belong to Mother Earth. We belong to life.

* The Shamanistic Approach

In shamanism, where everything is the voice of “spirit”, we can journey between worlds, in order to retrieve parts of our soul that have left us. Parts that, feeling unloved and unseen, have abandoned our completeness after experiencing unsafety, unworthiness, not belonging. These worlds that are not-linear, never ending, and present in the circular perception of time are called the lower, the middle and the upper world. We can travel in between this world to bring back to unity what has been excluded, what has been lost.

What if these world don’t exit out there, but instead they are inside of us, for us to adventure within?

What if the real wander is through the magical lands within?

What if these worlds are present within our body. Intertwined with the three fundamental spaces in our physical realm: the bed of the mouth, the diaphragm space and the pelvic terrain?

How would the inner journey enfold?

What if when parts of our soul are lost in these worlds, what happens is actually an energetic disconnection with these inner spaces in our physical body?

In the shamanic approach we also honor the cyclical nature of life, the interconnectedness of all, the constant becoming of life. As well as the  power of shamanic rituals to bring transcendence into the Earth, into matter, to bring the sacred into our daily life.

* The Training

This is an experiential three levels training on Systemic Work and Spiritual Constellations. The emphasis is on the somatic and shamanistic approach. Stimulating physical awareness, proprioception, kinesthesis and imagination.

We are going to bring mental concepts and the “spiritual”, right into the flesh of our physical being: into the perceptual and experiential presence of our skin, tissues, bones, and fluids. We are going to invite a learning that is phenomenological. That, away from analytical processes, approaches life and consciousness in an a way that is sacred, spiritual, empirical, existential, sensuous, perceptive, intuitive and inclusive.

Level 1 can be followed independently from the next two levels. The choice to participate to this first one doesn’t implies that you have to follow the entire training. You can participate to level 1, for your own personal growth and life process. Still, the completion of this first movement, is a prerequisite to be able to join the following two levels.

* Our Resources

  • Systemic principles and philosophy
  • Spiritual constellation processes
  • Somatic dynamics
  • Shamanic ritualism & Ancestral wisdom
  • Core awareness
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Open Source Forms
  • Pre and perinatal psychology
  • The moving, dancing body
  • Our own knowledge & life and professional experience

* When

On Sundays…..

4 & 18 December 2022, 8 & 22 January, 5 & 26 February, 12 & 26 March 2023

All dates from 14.00 to 19.00 Central Europe Time

* Where

From the intimacy of our homes and bodies, with Zoom.

* The Process

Level 1 – The movement towards life

Level 2 – The movement towards autonomy

Level 3 – The movement into the world

Each level consists of 8 modules.

 Level 1

It is organized in five main areas of work

  • Our meetings on Zoom.

From within our body, through our body, into our body. Our physical body would be our exploration landscape, as well as our instrument of exploration. We will become both, the explorer and the explored.

  • The process in between sessions.

This phase requires your willingness to deepen and explore further, what has been touched during our meetings. You are going to receive “inspirations” in a form of suggested literatures, home rituals and exploration practices.

You will be invited, after each session, to write and deliver a short essay in which form will suits you most: a drawing, writings, a video, a story, a dance…….You choose your way to support the integration of the learning.

  • It is fundamental that we feel each other presence during this adventure. That our wisdom and experience might serve as a nurturing well for each one of us. Therefore, we will create a platform where our process can mean something for one another. A platform where, we can share insights, questions, revelations, doubts, resistances and discoveries.

As we work together we will entrain into each other energy flow, becoming one field. Let’s make wise use of our belonging to this field.

What does my learning means to me?

Which one is my contribution to our cauldron? To this shared field, we are creating together?

  • A one-on-one session.

For a total of two hours, you can choose to have a two times, one hour session, or one session of two hours.

I will be available for any need and question that might arise during the process.

  • The development of a gradually unfolding project. A creation of any sort, nurtured and rooted into the transforming process we are in.

A way to begin to weave the learning into your already existing practice or life processes.

– In order to receive your certification for this first level, you are invited to:

  • Participate to all zoom meetings. Forty hours
  • Participate to our online explorations and constellations
  • Two hours of individual session
  • The required readings
  • Self-study in between the meetings
  • The presentation of eight essays. One after each meeting
  • The presentation of your final project

* Areas of exploration

From theoretical into experiential, this first level focuses on a deep personal development journey, which is of basic importance in order to be able to facilitate this kind of approach.

~ The fundaments of systemic work and spiritual constellation

  • The different types of constellations
  • The Creative Power. The Source
  • The Knowing Field. The morphogenetic principle
  • The three levels of conscience
  • Good and bad conscience and the concept of loyalty
  • The Orders of Love (The order of inclusion – the right to belong and consequences of exclusion) and (The order of precedence – the hierarchy and the magic an serving place) and (The order of balance – giving and taking)
  • The mother (Movement and interrupted movement towards the mother) and (The mother wound) and (From mother wound into mother gift) and (The inner mother)
  • The father (Movement and interrupted movement towards the father) and (The father wound) and (The healing journey back to the father) and (The inner father)
  • Guilt and innocence
  • Victims and perpetrators

~ The fundaments of somatic awareness

  • Me and my body (Intimacy; Boundaries; You and me and the feeling of safety)
  • The physical body as a field, as a process
  • Stillness and movement. The feminine and the masculine
  • The felt sense, the somatic listening and the ability to express
  • The physical body as a bridge into the mental, the emotional and the spiritual layer of the self
  • The neuro-core: psoas, adrenals, kidneys and spinal cord and its role into trauma oriented approach. The animal body
  • Family and tribe dynamics held in the body
  • The metaphoric body

~ The fundaments of shamanic approach

  • The sacred space
  • The cyclical movement of life
  • The three worlds: the lower, the middle and the upper
  • Ancestors, animal and spirit guides
  • Soul retrieval. The experience of soul withdraw in some parts or in the entire body

* The treasures that are waiting for us

  • A view on life that is inclusive and relational
  • Our belonging to our physical field, and larger fields.
  • Completeness and wholeness. Transcendence and reconnection with the spiritual field.
  • Somatic resources and ability to listen and be guided from our bodies.
  • The discovery and transformation of our Core Wound. Awareness and exploration of hidden dynamics and entanglements, in order to create a shift from reacting, into leading.
  • A solid sense of where we are in life. Personally and professionally. What is essential and valuable to us.
  • Support in finding our way to use the tools we are learning and in how to weave them into our already existing approach to life and work.
  • Body shame and inner strength: which life experiences are emerging that have been held in the body as trauma, stagnating emotions, or unaware patterns of any form? How to recognize and integrate them in order to use them as a strength?
  • Acknowledge, nourish, honour our bond with our mother and father line, with our ancestors.

* Prerequisites

This deep training is meant for you if you have already experience in the field of coaching, systemic work, arts therapy, psychology, body oriented work, expressive dance, shamanism, energy work ……….And if you are interested in approaching systemic work and spiritual constellation from a somatic perspective. From within your skin, your bones and your tissues.

* Registration

Before you register, I would love to hear a bit more about you. Who you are and why do you feel this training is your next step in life. Write a letter to yourself and please send it to me at info@, before the deadline below. If our paths meet, you will receive all the needed information to make your participation happen.

Deadline for sending the letter: 6 November 2022

Deadline for registration: 8 November 2022

* Contribution

We wish to create a supportive and intimate environment, that offers space to the needs and process of each participants. For a minimum of four to a maximum of twelve participants, we keep the group small.

The contribution for the entire training, level 1 is of 1.000 euros. Together we can find the best form of payment that suits us both.

I am profoundly honoured and excited to begin this shared adventure with you.

In service to us, Stefania.


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