I Open My Eyes and I See

I Open my Eyes and I See


Description: “I’m waking up after a long sleep”.

A journey into the sensory world of our bodies, to travel deeper within , into the landscape beneath the surface of our daily awareness. Through guided meditation we are going to move from the most outer layer of our body, deeper and deeper, layer after layer, into the forgotten landscape of our inner world, a landscape of feeling, memory, impulse and dream. A journey to rediscover the inhabitants of this landscape, its colors, textures and sounds………..and with our unfolded landscape, we are going to reemerge into the now of the present moment, to make a drawing, bringing into paper any images with which we came back from our inner journey, by allowing any color, shape, texture and symbol to manifest. At the end, through the use of movement, sound and partner work, we are going to explore the hidden messages that our drawing is revealing us, by reintegrating them into our mental, emotional and physical body.

For who: Open to everyone interested in the process of self unfolding through the use of expressive arts; to everyone curious to experience Open Source Forms Technique.

Expressive Art Therapy is the use of creative arts as a form of self-discovering. Here the process of creation is emphasized; it is the practice of using imagery, storytelling, dance, music, poetry, movement, voice and dream-work together, in an integrated way to foster growth, healing and conscious self awareness.

Language: English.

Where and When: 29-30-31 July, Ecotribe Zomerfeest, Teuge, NL.

Stefania Ammirata: is a dance artist, somatic educator, OSF certified teacher and Bio-resonance Therapist.