The Awakening Field – January & February

A Family Constellation, OSF Technique, Expressive Arts Therapy and Spiritual Healing Practice Laboratory


Description: A deep process of therapeutic exploration of our hidden dynamics and inner movements.
With Family Constellation Therapy, Spiritual Healing Practice, Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy, we are going to journey together through an awakening process that with the power of the experience and the power of the group, is going to guide us into self-discovery, self-growth and healing.
We are going to become observers, diving into possibilities, exploring the needs of our Souls for bonding and letting go,………observing our movement, physical and energetical, in relation to the group system we are part of, and investigating our blocks to regain authority on our energy, by freeing it from trauma’s entanglements, in order to bring more awareness, clarity and flow of love in our lives.
How to stop the cycle of suffering that we keep reproducing from generation to generation?
How do we connect with our strength?
How do we participate of the “collective power”?
Every meeting will be guided from the experience itself and from the revealed feelings, perceptions, truths and insights of the participants.

Our tools: Family Constellation Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique (OSF) and Spiritual Healing Practice.

For who: Open to everyone walking the path of self-discovery and self-growth.

Language: English & Dutch

When: Sunday 21 January, Saturday 03 & 17 February 2018, from 14:00 till 17:00.

Where: Buitengewoonbijbabet, Deventerweg 48 – 7214 DH, Epse (

Fee: Euro 40  for each laboratory, if you choose to register for one or 

         two meetings. (All the material and koffie and tea are included)

         Euro 100 for the entire process of tree meetings. (All the material and koffie and tea are included)

Registration: is required, no drop in. You can sign up via email to Further you are going to receive a confirmation email with details about payment and registration.