Cancellation of a consult:

In need of cancellation of a consult, this is asked to be done 48 hours before the concerning consult. Otherwise the full payment of the appointment fee is going to be demanded.

Workshops registration and cancellation:

To make your workshop’s registration complete you need to deposit on the following account, NL02 TRIO 0338 6024 61, the full amount request as fee, before the specified deadline for payment. The price for a workshop varies based on duration, location and other factors that might have influence on it. If you cancel, there will be no refund. Please, understand that to guarantee your place in the workshop, even the happening of the workshop itself, it is indispensable that you make your commitment by the due of the aforesaid deposit.

Terms of payment:

In connection with the social prices, I kindly ask my clients to respect my terms of payment. After billing, there is a payment deadline of 14 days. Then a reminder of payment with additional 5-euro administration costs, to be also paid within 14 days.

Insurance reimbursement:

My consultations are not being reimbursed from the health insurance system. As a therapist, when you make the choice to let your consultations be refunded, you allow the various insurance companies to have control on your way to offer therapeutic support and to deal with your clients. They can view all client files, all our private information, and they can tell me how to do my job when they have no any therapeutic knowledge. This is for me not an option, therefore I made the conscious choice to be an independent therapist.

The care, the quality of my work must remain in my protective hands. Because it is important for me to still offer and affordable guidance to my clients on their journey, my prices are, as you can see, when you look at my site, lower than the prices of most therapists. This is also a conscious choice. It is my wish to make my support reliable and affordable.

Responsibility (Medical Disclaimer):

I’m a Bio-Resonance Therapist, a Bach Remedies Practitioner and Body Awareness and dance teacher, I am not a doctor. The liability of care I provide is linked to the therapies which I have knowledge and experience of, not to the care you would receive from a doctor.


Your data’s and all you are going to share with me, is going to rest on my sensitive hands. Our relationship is strictly confidential.


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