Constellations Retreat in the Heart of France


14 July 2019 – 19 July 2019


Pia Storm Kalhof and Stefania Ammirata

Welcome to our first Family Constellations, Art Therapy’s and Open Source Forms’ retreat in France. A journey and discovery of our hidden dynamics, our inner movements, which are influencing our lives and limiting our growth. A reconnecting process in the warm embrace of nature.


A retreat together in the heart of the Dordogne’s hills with facilitator and arts therapist Pia Storm Kalhof and arts and dance therapist and facilitator Stefania Ammirata.

The host of our inner journey is a beautiful and quiet place in the middle of the Dordogne, “Createrre”, and old, fully restored farm immerses in the nature, in La Pinalie’. and

An invitation to a deep process of inner movements, exploration of our self, our heart, of the hidden dynamics, and the possibilities for reconciliation, love and healing.
With Family Constellation, Open Source Forms and Expressive Arts Therapy, we are going on a journey together through an awakening process. In order to regain strength, to bring more awareness, clarity and flow of love in our lives, we are going to become observers, diving into possibilities, exploring the needs of our Souls for bonding and for letting go; Observing and exploring our movements and our blocks, physically and energetically, in relation to ourselves and to the family and the group system we are part of. The experiential insights, the revealed feelings, the support of the group and the creative power, will guide us into self-discovery, self-growth and healing. A deep journey supported by inner movement, healing processes and flow of creativity.
How to stop the cycle of suffering that we keep reproducing from generation to generation?
How do we connect with our strength?
How do we participate and open up to the “creative power”?







English with possible translation into Italian and French.


Everyone who is ready to take steps forward in life. No other knowledge about constellations or creative work is needed. 


  • Your own constellation, your space to address the issues you wish to explore.
  • A supported movement beyond judgement of ourselves and others, beyond judgement of good and bad. A movement into self-acceptance and into acceptance of life just as it is.
  • Exploration and transformation of old patterns and entanglements in families and in life.
  • Finding ways to create a balanced dialogue with our physical body, stimulating body awareness, energy flow and emotional integration.
  • Expanded awareness and creativity.
  • A deep bonding with nature and the elements.


~ Arrival – Sunday 14th: Dinner and gathering in the evening. Time to land.
~ Monday 15th from 11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.:
What is constellations’ work? How can we benefit from it? Introduction, constellations, creative work, meditations.
~ Tuesday 16th from 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.:
Body Awareness, Creative expressions, Constellations. Open for other themes important for the participants.
What causes diseases and symptoms or healing in families?
~ Wednesday 17th from 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.: Body Awareness, Creative expressions, Constellations. And other themes important for the participants.
Success in couples relationship. Issues with children; relationship child-parents.
~ Thursday 18th from 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.: Moving further and deeper into more life, more happiness and more love. Integration of all the experiences and insights. How to integrate it in our daily life? Staying well and staying healthy! 
~ Friday 19th: Departure.

8.00 – 9.30 Breakfast
9.30 – 10.30 Movements and body awareness
10.30 – 13.00 Creative expressions and Constellations
13.00 – 16.00 Lunch break
16.00 – 19.00 Constellations and Creative expressions
19.00 – 20.30 Dinner
20.30 – Enjoying the summer evening

Participants can spend the lunch breaks and the free time as it pleases them, swimming, relaxing in the sun, walking or simply just enjoying the nature and the moment.

This is also an opportunity to practice constellations in pairs or groups, and with Playmo-figures and/or to give space to the creative expression.

The program is open for changes, depending on the group wishes and needs.


The course
Full program inclusive material , EUR 490 / NOK 4900
 Early birds April 1st 2019, 10% discount on the course fee.


On the terrain there are two, in authentic style, restructured 18th century houses, with natural stone walls, wooden beams, and the sweet, welcoming and full of beauty and care energy created by the host and owner of La Pinalie, Maite Volpato. La Pinalie offers accommodation in 1,2,3 or 4 persons room. A soft green field is open for camping. Toilets and showers are available inside as well outside the houses.







Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in delicious vegetarian, Mediterranean kitchen, full of sun and the taste of France.

An open terrace and the field surrounding the houses are our eating spaces.

The following prices are inclusive all meals and accommodation.

To be paid directly to the place.

 Five days retreat

Camping with your own tent: euro 260,-

Camping with rented tent: euro 285,-

3 or 4 persons room: euro 285,-

2 persons room or 1 person WaardTent: euro 310,-

1 person room: euro 350,-

    Closing date for registration: Early birds April 1st 2019. Early birds, students, pensioners and disability benefits, 10% discount on the course fee. Ultimate deadline on June 1st 2019

Registration: You can sign up via email to or

Further you are going to receive a confirmation email with details about payment and registration.

The 18th century studio with natural stone walls and an inviting Chestnut’s wooden floor, together with the astonish nature of “La Pinalie”
are going to be the stage of our journeys, of our healing and creative processes.

We will have a long lunch break to create space for being in the nature, laying on the grass, enjoy the sun, explore the forest surrounding La Pinalie. The evenings are to enjoy the freedom of being in nature, to share with each other, to sit around the warmth of a burning fire-place, to be one with the stars.

Where: La Pinalie is a little hamlet situated in the Northern Dordogne, in the “Parc Naturel-Perigord Limousin”, with its characteristic woods, hills and meadow land, and where peace and silence are the hosts of the land. Deer, foxes, bark owls, lizards are the inhabitants of the forest surroundings La Pinalie.

An explosion of green nuances and huge soft green fields, where the sun is our companion and the delicate flight of colorful butterflies and joyful swallows are sharing our journey towards the sacred place of our heart.

The river Dronne is guiding us for a long walk through the beauty of this wonderland, creating, now and then, magical spots to invite us to bath. And if we wish to swim a nearby lake (5 km) is there for us.






Createrre is about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Bordeaux.

Based on the day of arrival (service available on specific dates), Createrre is offering mini busses for 6 people with prices around 30 euros for one-way trip, depending on the amount of people that are going to travel together in one mini bus.

There is also the possibilities to travel by trein from Bordeaux to Thiviers. You will be pick up at the station.  For further information just contact me, I will be happy to guide you through it.

There are direct flights from Oslo to Bordeaux (

From Amsterdam to Bordeaux (

From Rome to Bordeaux (


People’s lives are extensively controlled by hidden dynamics. The issues and difficulties in couple relationships, in families, with children, work, mental and physical illnesses and lack of happiness in life are consequences of these secret dynamics. With Family Constellations combined with creative expressions it`s possible to bring these hidden dynamics to light.

By acknowledging what brought to our awareness, the issue or difficulty in life releases and opens up for new insights and solutions.

Love can flow freely and it can help us to take steps towards a happier and more fulfilled life.

Family constellations started in the 1980s as a method within psychotherapy, developed by

Bert Hellinger. Family constellation has gradually evolved in different directions, where the facilitators have created their own personal variation and practice.

Bert Hellinger’s work has a spiritual approach with movements that support love and life rather than a methodical one. Together with his wife Sophie they are in a constant development and movement and have taken family constellations into a new dimension, into a new consciousness.

“I`m deeply fascinated by these movements. It makes me humble and grateful to be in the field of Bert and Sophie Hellinger, together with people from more than 50 different countries.

From this field, I have my colleagues and friends worldwide. It inspires me and gives me support in my work with family constellations and in my personal life.

“There is no way back, only forward”. – Pia Storm Kalhof


OSF is guided by the philosophy that the source of wisdom and creativity is available in each of us. It is a self-propelling, self-empowering technique that through the moving body, the dancing body, is journeying us through the experiential experience of the infinite layers of the self. The technique offers awareness by listening to the body in movement, and by doing that guides us through a deep physical transformation in order to bridge us into a deeper one, the emotional and mental one.

Alignment is seen in constant flux, not related to a specific part of the body, but to multi-gravitational fields, therefore through movement and breathing exercises we seed kinesthetic awareness, to offer an experience of our alignment as fluid and dynamic, as in constant transformation.

Excess tension, that might cause alignment problems, constricted breathing and inflexibility, is kinesthetically released allowing freedom in movement and flexibility to be experience.

Open Source Forms technique makes use of guided imaginary and its power to offer kinesthetic experience. Some images focus on specific areas of the body, others on the totality of the self.

Through these images, we are guided into a wholeness state of deep consciousness.

Here our own “movement” would emerge, revealing a whole new range of movement possibilities, a whole new range of creativity.

Through movement and touch, we practice listening, acceptance and integration, and we allow the unfolding of our own process through the seasons of change, through disorientation and reintegration.

Through tactile exercises, we practice letting go of what is familiar, to open to a new experience of perception, to the unknown, where the letting go of bones and tissues is embodying “the dying” of preconceive ideas, judgments and expectations, to simultaneously allow a “reborn” into novelty, into a whole new being.


The theoretical foundation is based primarily on CG Jung’s analytical psychology. With the help of artistic expression, we create a link between the inner and outer world, between the conscious and the unconscious. By drawing, painting, making clay figures, making movements, we create and express. These creative expression works as a bridge, bringing the parts of the psyche that are hidden in the unconscious layers into the conscious. Unconscious, forgotten or denied resources and opportunities become visible in the art therapeutic process. The creative work combined with the constellations, supports and helps the individual to release, change and to gain more awareness, greater joy, self-acceptance and action in her or his own life.


Pia is responsible for the Constellations and Art Therapy. She has experience in this work since 2004. Pia facilitate with an open and warm heart attitude that makes the participants feel secure and supported. Educated in Bert Hellinger’s intensive training; The new family constellation approach: Moving with the Spirit-Mind, Pia is an art therapist, intensive care nurse, nurse supervisor, educational supervisor and yoga teacher. She participated in international workshops, training camps and conferences with Bert Hellinger, Jakob Schneider, Jan Jacob Stam and Franz Ruppert. She was an employee as an art therapist at Kongsberg Psychiatric hospital, responsible for groups in art therapy 2007-2008.
Since June 2004 Pia has her own company providing art therapy, family constellations, counselling and yoga.
Since 2009, she is the founder and director of the education/trainings/courses,” Family Constellation and Art Therapy”.


Stefania is responsible for the movement and body awareness. She creates a supportive space where the participants feel free and guided. Stefania is a dance artist, somatic educator, OSF certified teacher, Bach Flower Remedies practitioner and Bio-resonance therapist. She followed the education, “Constellations and Art Therapy” held by Pia Kalhof.

For further information about the course or transportation:

Pia: 0047 90 144 188 or mail

Stefania: 0031 61 52 113 45 or mail






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