Dark Moon – Women Gathering: The Moon of the West

Dark Moon – Women Gathering: The Moon of the West

“I’m the moon of the West, the giving form of the physical body.
I’m the willingness to accept change, the harvesting of what has been sown and the letting go of what has already sewed your growth.
I’m the power of introspection, the transition from light into dark.
I’m the journey deep within, to the hidden life of your unconscious self, to the encounter with your shadow, to the strength that lies inside.
I’m the house of the Spirits, the awareness of the present moment, the physical manifestation of your inner dream”.

Autumn, Earth, sunset, middle of life, reaping, shadow, wildness, introspection, place of transition, confrontation of our demons.

These gatherings are offered with the intention to create a group of women that is longing to live more in contact with the moon cycle and her guidance. We wish to come together during the first dark moon of each season, to share and experience together the moments where we are more receptive to our inner life, the dark moon. By following the natural flow and in constant transformation cycle of the moon and of nature, each gathering will explore the energetic qualities of that specific dark moon and her relationship with the season we are in, giving space to ourselves to share our experiences and allow our heart to be heard.

The circle is dedicated to all the women that with self respect have been, are, and will be standing for their values and their truth. 
The intention is togetherness, it is to reawaken our co-participation with the creative female force of life, to reawaken our being intertwined with all of our ancestors, and to seed the future we dream for the women that will come.
The intention is to create an intimate sacred space, of equal sharing, where we can hold each other hands in movement and in stillness, where we dare to explore our vulnerabilities and our strengths…….to create an intimate sacred space where we can practice becoming ourselves, where we can practice allowing our revolutionary, rebel, creative, intuitive, caring, present goddess within speak her heart……….an intimate sacred space where the moon, the nature and each other are the guides towards the reawakening of our inner self.

The Journey:
We are going to gather in the sacred circle, around the light in the center, the place where all our intentions move through and are transformed into life. We are going to gather, listening and be listen to, sharing our heart stories and intentions, by being in a receptive attitude of thoughtful speaking and deep listening and by embodying and practicing our creativity and caring energy. We are going to gather together with our ancestors and the power of all the women before us.
The words will move into dancing, into drawing, meditating, making music, massaging, into creating powerful sharing.
When: When: 9 October 2018 from 19.00 till 22.00
(Next dark moon women gathering: the dark moon on the 6th of January 2019. The moon of the North, a place of knowledge and wisdom).
Where: Deventerweg 48 – 7214 DH, Epse.

Fee: On donation (Minimum 15 euro)

Info and registration: Because of the limited space, registration is required. Just send an email to info@resonantia.nu. (If you encounter any problems, just call me: 0615211345)