Elemental Dance

Elemental Dance – A Cultivation of Somatic Expressiveness


Stefania Ammirata and Belen Perez Leiros

30 July 2023 – 06 August 2023

Welcome to our journey!

A journey into expressiveness. A cultivation of freedom of expression in co-creation with the bio-morphic essence of Nature. A retreat in the heart of the Dordogne, with Spiritual Constellation Facilitator, Arts Therapist, and Somatic Educator Stefania Ammirata, and Body-mind Psychologist, Qi Gong and Yin Yoga Teacher Belen Perez Leiros. 

The host of our inner journey is a beautiful and quiet place in the middle of the Dordogne, “La Clairière des Sources”, an old, fully restored farm immersed in nature, in La Pinalie’.

Our Journey

From the most physical to the most subtle level of being and expression the whole of life is created from the intertwined dance of the 5 elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. 

As an innate part of the cyclical expression of nature, our bodies (the physical, the emotional, the mental and the intuitive) are a living process, endlessly in the movement of dissolving and becoming. 

Each element has its own gesture, a primordial movement that finds its unique manifestation, becoming an organ, becoming a tissue, becoming an emotion, becoming a strength and a vulnerability, becoming a portal into perception, becoming an inner essence. 

How do we embody these forces active in the cosmic organism, allowing their playful dance to move us, awakening the creative strength of imagination that resides deep in our tissues? How can we give space to pleasure allowing it to soften us and make us receptive to the elemental dance in everyday life?

The Elemental Dance’s journey is an invitation to navigate and dive into the essential movement of the five elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal and their being on a cyclical relation of “inhibition” and “generation”. During this week we’ll explore these five reigns or phases from a creative and expressive approach, making use of different resources, to help us embody their unique qualities and strengths and embrace them in our daily life. 





For Everyone

– that is longing to free the depth of their expressiveness,

– that is longing to honor their belonging to life and to nature,

– that has a moving body that is trembling to find its own “dance”,

– who feels the calling of diving into its own inner landscapes being embraced by nature,

– who wishes to explore the diverse aspects of the Self from a creative approach, 

– who wishes to explore intimacy within a safe tribe.

No previous experience in systemic and spiritual constellations, in dance, in yoga, or in qi gong is needed.



Spiritual Constellations Therapy

Open Source Forms Technique & Somatic Work

Expressive Arts Therapy

Core Awareness

Taoist Practices: Qi Gong & Yin Yoga

The Moving & Dancing Body


The Treasures that are Waiting for Us

~ An inner journey through the embodiment of our 5 elemental bodies and their medicines and strengths through dance and movement.

~ A fluid conversation with our physical body, stimulating body awareness, energy flow and emotional integration.

~ Re-owning our ability for unbounded expressivity. 

~A deep bonding with nature and her medicine. 


Weekly Program

~ Arrival – Sunday 30th of July: Dinner and opening ceremony in the evening. Time to arrive and enjoy nature, an afternoon to land and bond. An evening to sow the seeds for the coming journey.

~ From Monday 31st of July to Saturday 5th of august: See our “Daily Program” below.

~ Departure – Sunday 6th of August: Breakfast and departure. The circle is open but unbroken.


Daily Program

8.00 – 9.30 Silent breakfast
9.30 – 10.30 Qi Gong and yin yoga

10.30 – 13.00 The process
13.00 – 16.00 Lunch break
16.00 – 19.00 The process

19.00 – 20.30 Dinner
20.30 – Enjoying the summer evenings

We will have a long lunch break to create space for being in nature, laying on the grass, enjoying the sun, and exploring the forest surrounding La Clairière des Sources. The evenings are to enjoy the freedom of being in nature, to share with each other, to sit around the warmth of a burning fire-place, to be one with the stars. The program is open for changes, depending on the group’s wishes and needs.



The contribution is inclusive of a 7 days retreat, creative materials, full accommodation and three daily meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is possible to choose between a single or a double room, a bed in the dormitory, or to sleep in your own camper or tent.

There are few places left and we would like to make possible to everyone to participate at a early bird contribution. Therefore, we are happy to announce our WEEKEND’s EARLY BIRD, upcoming Saturday and Sunday, and our superstar TUESDAY’s EARLY BIRD, from now till the 1st July.

The contribution will vary based on the sort of accommodation you choose:

Camping with your own tent: euro 940,- (Early Birds: 840,-)

Camping with your own camper: euro 990,,- (Early Birds: 890,-)

3 or 4 persons room: euro 1000,- (Early Birds: 900,-)

2 persons room:: euro 1040,- (Early Birds: 940,-)

1 person room: euro 1.100,- (Early Birds: 1000,-)

When to contribute the entire amount in one payment is too much for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, together we can find the best form of payment that suits us both.



On the terrain there are two, authentic style, restructured 18th century houses, with natural stone walls, wooden beams, and the sweet, welcoming and full of beauty and care energy created by the host and owner of La Clairière des Sources, Maite Volpato.

La Clairière des Sources offers accommodation in 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons room. A soft green field is open for camping.

Toilets and showers are available inside as well as outside the houses.









Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in delicious vegetarian, Mediterranean kitchen, full of sun and the taste of France. An open terrace and the fields surrounding the houses are our convivial kitchen tables.



Our Studio Space 

The 18th century studio with natural stone walls, its inviting Chestnut’s wooden floor, together with the astonishing nature surrounding “La Clairière des Sources’ are going to be the field of our journey, of our healing and expressive, creative process.



La Clairière des Sources is a little hamlet situated in the Northern Dordogne, in the “Parc Naturel-Perigord Limousin”, with its characteristic woods, hills and meadow land, and where peace and silence are the hosts of the land. Deer, foxes, bark owls, and lizards are the inhabitants of the forest surrounding La Pinalie. An explosion of green nuances and huge soft green fields, where the sun is our companion and the delicate flight of colorful butterflies and joyful swallows are sharing our journey towards the sacred place of our heart. The river Dronne is guiding us for a long walk through the beauty of this wonderland, creating, now and then, magical spots to invite us to bathe. And if we wish to swim, a nearby lake is there for us.  




“La Clairière des Sources” is about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Bordeaux.

“La Clairière des Sources” is offering car transportation from Thieves Trein station, with prices around 20 Euros for one-way trip, depending on the amount of people that are going to travel together in one car.

There are direct flights from Oslo to Bordeaux (www.norwegian.no)

From Amsterdam to Bordeaux (www.klm.com)

From Rome to Bordeaux (www.ryanair.com)

There is also the possibility to travel by carpool (www.blablacar.nl)

Please contact us if you need further information


Closing date for registration

 Early bird: June 1st 2023

Ultimate deadline: July 1st 2023.



You can sign up via email to info@resonantia.nu. Further you are going to receive a confirmation email with details about contribution and registration.


Stefania Ammirata

Stefania Ammirata  is a movement artist, body therapist, somatic educator, Spiritual Family Constellation facilitator, OSF’s teacher and Bach Remedies practitioner. She is currently studying to become a Core Awareness Savvy. For more than 15 years, she has been living completely off grid in a community in The Netherlands, deeply in resonance with the cyclical movement of nature and her medicines. Moved from a deep longing to explore the unknown within the physical and the energetic fields of life, within and without, she is an adventurer, a weaver of networks of sentient and communicative connections with our essential nature, the other and the “whole”. All her life she has been exploring ways to fully be, move and express from her natural, imaginative, perceptive, sensing and fluid body. Italian, currently living in The Netherlands.






Belen Perez Leiros

Eternal apprentice, she found her philosophy of life in Taoism, in line with nature and its cycles, its simplicity and all its depth and richness. She’s been practicing Qigong since 2008 and Yin yoga since 2021. She started teaching Qigong in 2016, while she was working as a clinical psychologist in Buenos Aires. Her path has always been linked to the service of others. She trained and worked as a psychotherapist and healer, body and movement oriented. A dancer by passion and always interested in the arts of movement, since age 15, she has practiced different types of dances (jazz, Afro-Caribbean, contemporary, butoh, five rhythms, contact improvisation); different types of yoga (hatha, iyengar, kaladanda, yin yoga), taichi and qigong. From a young age she studied astrology, photography and reiki. After graduating in psychology, she continued her studies in Dance Movement Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi gong, Zen shiatsu and Yin yoga. Today she is dedicated to teaching from a therapeutic approach, sharing Taoist practices, such as Qi gong and Yin yoga, integrating all of her knowledge. Argentinian, currently residing in Sicily.





For further information about the course or transportation:

call or mail Stefania 0031 61 52 113 45  – info@resonantia.nu

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