Consultations and Prices

  • The Life Story: At the beginning of our journey together, I will ask you to write your own “life-story”, (Life story guidelines). It will lay a foundation for our journey, it will provide us with information about your birth, life events, about your emotional, mental and physical state. Please, follow the basic guidelines and share what you feel it is important for you to share and send your writings to me by email, one week before our first meeting.
  • First Consultation: This first meeting should give us an overview of your health picture at the moment. We will focus on revealing the real cause of the dis-balance and we will make the first step towards re-balancing. We will look at blockages in the physical, the mental and the emotional body and we will stimulate awareness as well as the natural capacity of our system for self-regulation and self-healing.
  • Check-in: Within a week, from our first consultation, I will ask you to write me an update, about your physical, mental and emotional state at that moment. A small description, how did you felt after the therapy and how do you feel now one week later. Dreams.
  • Follow-up: During this second meeting, you will guide the dance, by bringing into light any discoveries, changes, in your health, mood, physical symptoms, emotional movements, mental patterns. From your sharing, we will move deeper with the therapeutic tool you, or we have been chosen for you. The kind of therapeutic approach we are using, have a big influence on the way the session are going to be. Anyway my consultations are a constellations of different tools that can support us during our journey towards healing and self-respect. The most important is that we feel safe and that we are able to built a relation-ship based on trust and respect.


First Consultation – 2 Hours                                 

Family Constellations  and Art Therapy                                       120 euro

Bio-Resonance Therapy                                                                      120 euro

Body Awareness Method                                                                    120 euro

Integrated Approach                                                                              120 euro


Follow-up – 1 hour & 1/2

Family Constellations  and Art Therapy                                          80 euro

Bio-Resonance Therapy                                                                         80 euro

Body Awareness Method                                                                       80 euro

Integrated Approach                                                                                80 euro


First & Follow up – 1 hour

Bach Flower Remedies                                                                           60 euro


The price  for a Family Constellation in a group setting, varied based on location and duration, and on your wish to participate as a representative or as a client, presenting your own issue.

Workshops and Ceremonies

The price for a workshop or a ceremony, varies based on duration, location and other factors that might have influence on it. Please see specific workshop or ceremony for more detailed information.

Insurance reimbursement:

My consultations are not being reimbursed from the health insurance system. As a therapist, when you make the choice to let your consultations be refunded, you allow the various insurance companies to have control on your way to offer therapeutic support and to deal with your clients. They can view all client files, all our private information, and they can tell me how to do my job when they have no any therapeutic knowledge. This is for me not an option, therefore I made the conscious choice to be an independent therapist. The care, the quality of my work must remain in my protective hands. 


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