Intertwined: Reconciling Anima and Animus

Intertwined: Reconciling Anima and Animus – A Dance Ceremony 

Here is where we meet, in my deepest core, as the softest whisper of you and the softest whisper of me rise into a shared voice. Stillness in movement……and movement in stillness. Help me to know you, as I move beyond myself, feeling what you feel, standing and moving as you do. A close hand…..and an open hand, gender falls away, here is where we meet, in my deepest core. Letting in…..letting out as my whole body softens to listen to what is being you, my woman. Letting out…..letting in as my whole body widens to listen to what is being you, my man. Fullness and emptiness, vulnerability and strength… is where we meet, in my deepest core as I accept you into my life so that I can be whole.

“The future of humanity will be decided not by relations between nations, but by relations between women and men”. – DH Lawrence.

Dance Ceremony is a sacred journey, where our prayer is our dance, where with the moving and dancing self as a guide, we can adventure through a process of awakening and self-celebration. A Dance Ceremony is a space of awareness, where our inner life is bridged into consciousness, where the invisible becomes visible. A Dance Ceremony is an act of listening, allowing and dance with, it is an act of taking responsibilities in being true to ourselves, in being in movement and dare to be with the movement.

A Dance Ceremony is an integrated process where the moving, dancing body is becoming our tool for the experiential embodiment of the transformative strength of rituals and the revealing work with Family Constellations principals.

This journey is offered as a co-creation of a world wide event : 7 Days of Rest and Reflection. We wish to seed the creation of “a global field of rest, reflection and intention for the healing and replenishment of the Planet and all its Inhabitants……..Restoring the sacred relationship of the Feminine and Masculine, within us and beyond us, is vital for our ability to evolve in a way that protects and honors all Life. This meta-intention provides a potent healing membrane for the whole event”.

Tools: Our awareness, our dance and our stillness, our breath, our togetherness, the circle, our singing and our music, our prayers, the moon, the arts, our physical, mental and emotional body, the sacred fire, the elements, the directions, the archetypes and our ability to surrender and willing to listen and see.

The journey is supported by the music of Alla Nazarova and two musicians of Lijfmuziek ( Danielle Roelofsen, Richard van Schie: percussions, harmonium, flutes, harp and guitar. 

When: 05 January 2019 from 19.45 to 22.30
Where: Centrum Via Natura – T.G. Gibsonstraat 41, 7411RP Deventer (

Fee: Free Entrance.

Info: ( For information about the world wide festival). 

For information about the event’s branch in Deventer, you can email or go to: