Mabon: The Harvest

Mabon: The Harvest

A Constellational and Somatic Process

Art: Frida Kahlo

As the summer grows into the autumn, the year completes itself, asking us to look at our harvest , at our own life creation, reaping what we sow, reflecting on the wheel of the year, distinguishing, making choices, bringing what is destructive to a closure and determining a new path.

Are we ready to collect the fruits of our last year journey?

How is the quality of our harvest?

Can we embrace it in gratitude?

Which fruits are ripening in beauty and juiciness and which one are rotting and decaying?

What is poisoning…..and what makes us happy as we receive it in our inner landscape?

Which one are ready to be given back to Mother Earth?

Which one do we wish to bring with us to feed our new cycle?

Which one are containing the seeds of our dreams?

The Celtic Tradition and Mabon: The ancient Celtic tradition was widely shaped from the influence of the lunar cycle and the cosmic movement of the stars.
Their lives were in constant resonance with the ongoing transformational process of nature.
In gratitude and in humbleness, they were honouring the wholeness of the universe, allowing their own movement to dance with the movement of the whole, from the world of the spirits and the ancestors, to the world of nature and seasonal cycles. The Celtic year was composed of two seasons, the winter and the summer, and every transition and significate shift between one and the other was a celebration of life and its gifts. In their circular and cyclic vision of time, Mabon was celebrating the transition between the summer and the winter solstice, from light into darkness, from outer into inner…….it was a space of balance, of reflection and gratitude…….a time of harvesting. Mabon is the last Celtic celebration of the year, closing the circle as we breath in into withdrawing towards the integrating stillness of the winter. Seeds sown in the spring, nurtured by the fiery summer, now yield their fruits into our receiving arms. As in nature, the fertility of the Great Mother offers her fruitfulness, we enter a time of abundant gathering, a time of harvesting the fruits of our past experiences, our past self……..the harvesting of the Soul. It is in this harvest that we find the seeds of our new journey.

Our Journey: A deep process of therapeutic exploration of our hidden dynamics and inner movements.
A transitional process from the brightness of the light into the cherishing of the darkness, from the fiery and flowering summer into the harvesting and introspective quality of the autumn.

With Family Constellation Therapy, Spiritual Healing Practice, Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy, we are going to journey together, supported by the power of the experience and the power of the group, we are going to be guided through a process of detachment from demands and of reconnection with our inner resources.
We are going to become our own healer, diving into possibilities, exploring the needs of our Souls for bonding and letting go,………observing our movement, physical and energetic, in relation to the group system we are part of, and investigating our blocks to regain authority on our energy, by freeing it from trauma’s entanglements, in order to bring more awareness, clarity and flow of love in our lives.

We are going to look at our energetic harvest and as we evaluate it, in gratitude, looking at what doesn’t serve us anymore and what we wish to let go, and at what we need to take in our journey in order to fertilize the land for our dreams to grow and thrive.

How do we stop the cycle of suffering that holds us from a fulfilling and healthy life?

What is holding us back from committing to our own happiness?

Where are we directing our energy and actions?

Which issues are old and are decaying our inner landscape?

What is containing the seeds of our new dream, new life, new self?

The treasures that are waiting for you:
– Your own constellation, your space to address the issues you wish to explore.
– Shifting from inner critic into inner guidance………a journey into self-trust and respect.
– Exploration and transformation of old patterns and entanglements in families and in life.
– Finding ways to create a balanced dialogue with our physical body, stimulating body awareness, energy flow and emotional integration.
– Expanded awareness and creativity.
– Awareness of your own harvest, enhanced ability to discern and seed a new path. A supported movement of re-connection with your deepest dream.

Our Tools: Expressive Arts Therapy, Family Constellations Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique, and the Medicine Wheel.

Where: Studio Panta Rhei, Van Hetenstraat 59 – 7415 TT Deventer

When: 19 & 20 & 21 September 2020
Every day from 10.00 till 18.00.

Contribution: Early birds, before 12 of September 225.00 euro.
After the 12 of September, 250.00 euro
Inclusive material and bio-tea and snacks.

Deadline for registration: 16 September 2020.
Maximum 8 participants. Take your place.

Accommodation: If you are looking for a place to spend the nights during the workshop, feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you finding accommodation.

Registration: We wish to offer safety and space to everyone needs. Registration is required, for a maximum of 8 participants . You book your place by getting your ticket.

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