Resonantia is a “Natuurgeneeskundige Praktijk voor Bewuste Genezing en Zelf Groei”, where different therapeutic tools are used in order to accompany you, in your journey towards yourself. A place of safety, where you can be yourself, where you are received for who you really are, in absence of judgement.

Resonantia is a channel for the unconditional, universal love and the method that I’m offering is just a tool for this healing love to reach you. I wish you can feel heard, that my devotion and passion would support you in your journey towards healing and oneness. 

Life is a process and illnesses are part of this process. They are an experience, hard at first to accept, to look at and to go through. But through experiences is how we learn, they ask us to question our entire being, our reality, they are a tool for self-discovery and re-connection, a tool for real healing, the healing of the Soul. I’m here to serve you with the wholeness of my being. Because me too, I learned through the experience of being sick. I would never have made the choice to study bio-resonance therapy, or the Bach method or Open Source Forms or Family Constellations and Art Therapy, if life would not have been asking me to reconsider myself and my own potentials. I’m here to serve you with my wounds, my limitations and my obscure side as much as with my light, my knowledge, my love and my trust.

I’m here to listen to you, to your body, your mind and your heart and I’m here to listen not only through my ears but also through my eyes, my touch and my heart. My intention is to create a space where you might find tools to flourish to full potential, might learn to listen to yourself and become independent, where you might become the owner of your own life. My task is to accompany you in letting go of fear and into faith, faith in yourself, in healing and in the universal forces that always guides us towards an honest and unified healed self.

Spiritual healing and physical healing are inseparable. This is why in my center, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs are attended along with physical needs. This is why in order to have space to deeply heal and to find trust in the possibility of healing it is of basic importance, during the healing process, to receive physical support, to reconnect with our painful body and to look with care at physical symptoms. We need to feel at home in our bodies, to cherish them to be able to create space and have courage to look at the source of our pain, to turn inward and dare to know our wounds.

Once we can go through our darkness, friendly, with love and acceptance, we can turn around and look further ahead to our virtues and full potential, because it is there that we are guided into.

Mine is the therapy of ‘non-intrusion’, Resonantia is offering a space of exploration, where we can listen to ourselves and discover our own truth. My method doesn’t suppress the symptoms of our imbalances, it brings it to light and it stimulates the natural self-healing capacity of our “bodies”, redirecting the system towards its inner virtues and oneness.

As a therapist, I’m only a witness, witnessing what is happening and what is possible, you are your own healer, a being of infinite power and creativity, of infinite possibilities.