Dance Ceremonies

A Dance Ceremony is a sacred journey, where our prayer is our dance, where with the moving self as a companion, we can adventure through a process of self-discovery and self-celebration.

A Dance Ceremony is a space of awareness, where our inner life is bridged into consciousness, into a form we are able to perceive.

A Dance Ceremony is an act of listening, allowing and dance with, it is an act of taking responsibilities in being true to ourselves, in being in movement and dare to be with the movement.



Our awareness, our dance, our stillness, our breath, our being in movement, our connection-ability, our togetherness, the circle, our singing, our prayers, our music, the moon, the arts, our senses, our physical and mental and emotional body, our uniqueness, our oneness, the sacred fire, the elements, the directions, the archetypes, the chakras, our ability to surrender and willing to listen and see.