Spiritual Healing Practice

Spiritual healing practice uses rituals, stories sharing, movement and dance, sound and music and the Medicine Wheel with its concepts of the presence of balance and free will, to accompany us into an integrated inner body, mind, emotions and spirit dialogue.

This spiritual process, guiding us beyond the limitations of our physical body, reconnects us with our energy body, gifting us with tools to experience the Soul, the expansion of our consciousness and the connection with the Spirit and the Ancestral realm.

We are moved from a personal into a collective and spiritual consciousness, where the Spirit helpers and Ancestors invite us into an inner journey through the experience of the integration of all aspects of the self, of our being whole.


Our Tools:

  • The Medicine Wheel is a process, a ritual and teachings of the cyclic movement of life and of the different aspects of the universe, of us, visible and invisible and how they are interconnected.

It is a way of finding understanding and balance.

It has the four directions, East, South, West and North, ingrained within it.

Each direction is the manifestation of a part of the Self, the spirit in the East, the body in the South, the emotions in the West and the mind in the North. Every direction is as well connected to an action-quality, determining in the East, holding in the South, giving in the West and receiving in the North.

By restoring the harmonious inter-relationship of these aspects and their action-qualities, allowing each one of them to be in their position in the Medicine Wheel, we find balance and harmony, while the inner dialogue of body, mind, emotions and spirit helps us with being centered.


  • Dancing and Moving, Chanting, Singing and Drumming, by raising our inner vibrations are freeing us by our daily life patterns and concerns, to guide us into an altered state of consciousness.

First, we are called back into our physical self, fully into the “now” of our being in the body, listening to everything that is asking for attention, to be heard.

Gradually, we begin to entrain with the natural flow of our breath and our inner truth.

Our movement, our music and our song tune into it, reaching a place of silence and stillness, where our true movement and sound just happens, our unique voice is praying its own prayer, is streaming free of judgement and control into the world, for us to experience it, to live it.

As our limiting cognitive structure let go of leading our dance and our voice, we journey deep within, where our Spirit guides (spirits, power animal, ancestors) are awakened and embodied.

We are empowered to relive and find understanding of traumatic events and to release painful blockages that are interfering with living our life fully and happily.

Our own voice would emerge, we will become the singing, the drumming, the dancing, opening up to the natural flow of our being, to a renewal self, interconnected with everything, touchable and untouchable.


  • The Circle and Stories Sharing is an ancient form of gathering that relies on the wholeness and where the responsibilities are shared. It stimulates reciprocal respect, speaking with intention and listening with empathy. It is a place of sharing our stories and intentions, a place of connection through the center, where everything moves from and into.

We all possesses wisdom, wisdom we are born with, wisdom we have received from being part of the collective consciousness and unconsciousness and from our life journeys.

We all can speak as experts on our own experiences and provide insights that would be helpful to others on their healing paths or life journeys.

In each one of us, lives an “inner wounded self” and an “inner healer”, the circle structure asks the participation of both aspects, inviting us to support and be supported, to lead and be led, it uses our being interconnected, being a part of a whole, showing us our responsibilities towards ourselves and the others and making us autonomous within our interdependency.

By sharing our stories, sharing the circle, we share our-self, our openness to the lessons of daily life, sense of safety and willingness to explore inner and unknown experiences, we share our willingness to see and be seen and our trust into the “Creative Power”, or whatever name we prefer to give it to it, the Source, The Higher Self, the Spirit.

Sharing signify acceptance of the place we are occupying now, of ourselves and of everything, signify empathy.


  • Honoring is an act of humbleness and integration, it unites and actives the powerful healing forces within the universe.

It is an act of giving, of recognition and it opens the door into the ability to receive.

It is an act of inclusion and respect for the natural order of life and all the creation.

Honoring is an act of gratitude and love.