Stefania Ammirata

Born in Italy, in Palermo on the 27.09.1970, after years of travelling through Europe, I’m now based in The Netherlands.

My life, my educational and professional choices have been mainly guided from my deep interest in the physical body and its ability to express, communicate, connect and manifest deeper layers of the self, in daily life as well as on an artistic and on a therapeutic level.

I trained as a ballet dancer and in 1989 I graduated from the “Teatro Dell’ Opera” in Rome, Italy. After a long career as a ballet dancer, I have been working as an improviser and modern dancer for many years and in many companies, all over Europe. (The dance artist)

In 1994, I have been certified as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. My studies were focusing on the way energy moves throughout the body, its developmental pathways and the symbolic meaning of the organs, in both their balanced or imbalanced state. This new knowledge had a huge influence on my way to approach the body, inviting me to look at the individual as a multi-layered constellation, made of energy as well as matter.

My need to keep integrating creative and healing processes lead me to the study of Open Source Forms (OSF), a technique used to free the voice and the body from old patterns and to allow a more balanced self to manifest. OSF offers methods to access depth, specificity, courage, rigor, integration and freedom in movement, vocal practice and performance. “This work celebrates diversity, collaboration, and individual creative empowerment: free of inhibition, accessing intuitive knowing, and inviting the mind to collaborate. A remarkably effective and revolutionary way of learning, the OSF approach can catalyze learning and transformation in many kinds of practices, in movement as well as healing, therapy, voice, acting, and other fields of learning and creation”. I graduated in 2012.

The work as dance therapist is teaching me that the body is where our inner life becomes visible and understandable. Everything that we see and feel through the physical body is a manifestation of our mental and emotional body.

In 2010, I started my journey with the Bach Flower Remedies, I’m a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner.

Since 2016, I’m a certified Bio-Resonance therapist.

In 2017, I completed a 3 years certification education in Family Constellation and Expressive Arts Therapy, an intensive education on Bert Hellinger’s Spiritual Constellation approach.

In February 2022 I began a profound journey into Core Awareness. A 10-Month Application Course for Professionals held by Liz Koch, the Psoas whisper. An application course into becoming certified Psoas Savvy.

For many years, now, I have been investigating ways to stimulate self-awareness through the physical body, through the body in movement, the motion of sound and the motion of the physical self. Finding a deep relation-ship between manifested and imagined movement (reality), it is revealed how much our physical limitations are conceived from our inner images rather than from the matter itself. By becoming aware of our physical self, we become aware of the invisible infinite layers of the self, enabling us to reinvent ourselves, enabling us to re-imagine our reality.

Based on these findings, I have been offering, all over Europe, individual sessions and group workshops.

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