The Strength of the Ancestral Lineage

The Strength of the Ancestral Lineage

A Family Constellation, Art Therapy and OSF’s Workshop

“El Abrazo de amor del universo, La Tierra, Mejico, Yo, diego yel señore xo” – Frida Kahlo 1949

Description:  “The Soul is something in which we are, in which we have a part”. – Bert Hellinger.

Everyone and everything has the right to be and to belong, to participate to the collective embrace of the universal strength. The body knows this belonging, this need to participate to the shared movement of life, and it is longing for it, constantly inviting us to open up to the first encounter we can experience when we surrender, the encounter with the touch of our soul, surrounding our physical self in warmth, bonding, protection and oneness.

We come from our ancestors, birth after birth, life has been passed on for us to be born, carrying with her the active force that influences our journey. Each generation embodies the past and seeds the future. What was accepted, included, integrated, in the lives of earlier generations, becomes our strength, supporting and nurturing our inner river, what was excluded, neglected, unresolved becomes our limitation, our pain, our sorrow.

Healing comes by giving permission to the “excluded” to be “included”.

Our birth is the first act of separation that we experience and from that moment on, fear of separation influences our life choices and ways to relate to others. We don’t allow deep and true bonding, fearing rejection, we separate, we neglect. How do we let love guide and influence our choices?

By moving deep into the body with Open Source Form’s tools, Family Constellation’s work and Art Therapy processes, we are going to journey back to our first trauma, the trauma of birth and the fear of separation, that accompanies it, in order to stop perpetrating this fear and to move towards reconciliation and bonding.  We are going to invite awareness into the silenced, the painful, the missing, the secret, the unknown, the excluded. We are going to journey into our family lineage and allow the excluded, in absence of judgement and blame, to be included, to belong, to participate to the whole. We are going to create space for stopping the perpetration of ancestral family wounds, allowing ourselves to see and integrate, creating a bridge into vulnerability and potential for lineage- and self-healing and the release of symptoms and conditions that are rooted into denial. We are the “now” that can heal the past, to illuminate the present and fertilize the land for our children and grand-children to bloom. 

The treasures that are waiting for you:

  • Your own Constellation, your space to explore the issue you wish to explore. Exploring old patterns in families and in life.
  • The understanding of the “Orders of Love” between parents and children, families, groups, and in relation to the Greater Whole. Who belongs to the family or group and  consequences of exclusion.
  • Awareness and integration of our birth trauma and family wound.
  • Discovering our qualities and stand in our physical, emotional and mental strength.

Our tools: Family Constellations Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique and Spiritual Healing Practice…….together with our dancing and moving body, our willingness to listen and allow, and the power of the group, supporting, mirroring and nurturing each other.

When: Friday 12 April 2019 from 13.30 till 17.30 and  Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 April 2019 from 10.30 till 17.30.

Where: Sterrenland – Meermuidenseweg 19b, 7391TD Twello (

Contribution: Early birds, before 24 March 200.00 euro. 
After the 24 March 225.00 euro

The workshop is intended as a three days process.
Inclusive material and bio-tea and snacks.

Deadline for registration: 03 April 2019

Info and Registration: Send an email to
You are going to receive a confirmation email with details about payment and registration.



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