Summer Solstice – The Dusk

Summer Solstice – The Dusk

(This celebration is part of our Moon Journey – Dark Moon Women Circles)

The longest day of the year. The threshold of nature, bringing the echo of our primal intimacy into a shared dance with the spirits of the forest, of the rivers, of nature. Our inner landscape awakens, our inner fire emerges from within to illuminate our new path, to infuse our dreams with the passion of flaming flames.

Our journey from darkness into light touches its brightness, fully in our strength, in our masculine ability to manifest, we become the fire, we become the sun, touching the higher sky, celebrating fertility, expansion, fulfillment and realization. Yet, within the apex of this moment is the whisper and promise of a return to the dark, the beginning of the waning cycle, the beginning of our journey back into the embracing core of our inner hearth.

Litha, the summer solstice, brings bountiful beauty, brings inner seeds into the fullness of life, bathed in the abounding power of the sun, our passions and dreams comes into expression.

How is our inner fire strength? What is feeding the fire of our passion? Do we dare to allow our inner fire to powerfully dance us through life? What does our fire needs in order to fire our spirit and mold our dreams into being?

The Treasures that are waiting for you:
– Your space to address and explore your potential for change.

– A supported movement beyond judgement of ourselves and others, beyond judgement of good and bad. A movement into the discovery of our abilities and qualities.

– Exploration and transformation of old patterns and entanglements into the “determination” of a new path.

– Finding ways to create a balanced dialogue with and within our physical body, stimulating body awareness, energy flow and emotional integration.

– The warmth, support, listening and guiding presence of our feminine body, of our womb, our sisters and our Great Mother.

– Expanded awareness and creativity.

– The joy of a shared celebration.

Our Tools:
Expressive Arts Therapy, Family Constellations Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique, the Medicine Wheel, the Moon Cycle, the strength of the sun, the magical creatures of nature and the energy of the circle that we create together.

Who we are: Stefania Ammirata is our ceremony facilitator, Pe Molemaker (FB account Saskia van der Bron) and Tamira Tuinman are our circle’s guardians.


13.45 Doors open…..time to land.

14.00 Our journey

17.00 Potluck dinner (Bring something vegetarian, preferably organic, to share with the circle. Let’s celebrate the nourishment of life, by sharing abundance)

18.00 Our journey

Where: In the beautiful TipiField of the Ecotribe, Ambonstraat 2, 7395MA Teuge.

If the weather is asking us to be indoor, we would bring the forest, the fire, the flowers, the elves and fairies with us in the studio, Van Hetenstraat 59 – 7415 TT Deventer.

When: 21 June 2020 – From 14.00 till 21.00

On a sliding scale, €50 – €60 – €70, based on your financial possibilities, you offer what you can and wish.

Deadline for registration: 18 June 2020
Maximum 12 participants…….take your place!

You can purchase your ticket here:

If you are looking for a place to spend the night after our gathering, feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you finding accommodation.

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