The Dynamic of Touch: places of meeting

An Open Source Forms Laboratory

A Self-, and group-exploration through Movement and Drawing

“The Dynamic of Touch: places of meeting”


Description: Through you I’m listening to myself. Through us I’m listening to the “we”, we are creating in the meeting. A dynamic listening. Each encounter reveals a part of my lie and a part of my truth. What happens then to the body when we meet? Trough the body in movement and through the use of other expressive arts, we are going to explore the meeting, the coming together and the intercommunication between the moving bodies, allowing ourselves to be moved from the experience and our perception of it.

Our Tools: The creative self, ourselves and our togetherness. The drawing, the dancing and the moving.

For who: Open to everyone interested in the process of self unfolding through the use of Expressive Arts; to everyone curious to experience Open Source Forms Technique.

Language: English & Dutch

When: Saturday 10 February 2018 – From 14:00 to 17:00.

Where: Buitengewoonbijbabet, Deventerweg 48 – 7214 DH, Epse (

Fee: 35 euros

Registration: By sending an email to

Stefania Ammirata: is a dance artist, somatic educator, OSF certified teacher, Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner and Bio-resonance Therapist. She is currently completing the education, “Constellations and Art Therapy” held in Norway by Pia Kalhof.

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