The Dynamic of Touch: Whisper

The Dynamic of Touch: Whisper

A Dance Exploration through Touch

Description: As I’m listening to you, I hear the whisper of my own self…… I’m listening to us meeting in the touch, I’m listening to the “we”, we are creating in the encounter. When our bodies are touching, how deep do we perceive? Is just our skin sharing presence, or are we whispering our deepest secrets into each other touch?
A door opens both inwards and outwards, as we travel beneath layers, giving and receiving, in a never-ending flow of information.
How is the quality of our shared touch? Can we touch with that readiness and vulnerability without an image of what it is going to be? Can we allow ourselves to be transformed from the touch?
Trough the body in movement, we are going to explore the meeting, the coming together and the intercommunication between the moving bodies, allowing ourselves to be “touched” from the experience and our perception of it.


When:  Friday 21 June 2019 from 10.00 to 11.30

Where: The Living Village Festival – Temple Grounds, Dalfsen

Stefania Ammirata is a dance artist, family constellations facilitator and holistic therapist.