The Fertile Fertility: Imbolc


A Dance Ceremony with live music, Organic Dinner and DJ Night

As the night falls back into the profundity of Mother Earth, the first breath of light gently blows the mantle of darkness away, revealing the mystery and color of a new dawn. Life springs from the depth of our Mother’s womb, growing bright as she breaks through the night, rising into light from the renewing arms of Gaillach, the old wise winter woman. She is Brigid, the breath of awakening, the potential and fragility of a new birth. She is the lady of the flame, our intuition and inspiration shaping dreams into seeds, seeds into life. She is the healing water, preparing the fertile land for the new growth to grow, flowing into abundance. She is Brigid, the sacred mating dance of fire and water, of desire and action.

Dance Ceremony is a sacred journey, where our prayer is our dance, where with the moving and dancing self as a guide, we can adventure through a process of awakening and self-celebration. A Dance Ceremony is a space of awareness, where our inner life is bridged into consciousness, where the invisible becomes visible. A Dance Ceremony is an act of listening, allowing and dance with, it is an act of taking responsibilities in being true to ourselves, in being in movement and dare to be with the movement.

A Dance Ceremony is an integrated process where the moving, dancing body is becoming our tool for the experiential embodiment of the transformative strength of rituals and the revealing work with Family Constellations principals.


16.30 – The doors open….time to land and warm up.

17.00/19.00 – Dance Ceremony with live music.

The journey is supported by the music of Alla Nazarova and two musicians of Lijfmuziek ( Danielle Roelofsen, Richard van Schie: percussion’s, harmonium, flutes, harp, mandolin and guitar. 

19.30/20.30 – Organic dinner

20.30/24.00 – Dj night with Rienk Noorman & DJ Dan

General information: We dance on bare feet. Bring some thick socks or warm slippers to keep your feet warm, when it is needed.

In order to create space for landing, integrating and transitioning processes, every Ceremony ends with 15 minutes of silence and stillness. Bring a small pillow to sit on and a blanket to nestle yourself in. 

When:  Saturday 02 February 2019 from 17.00 till 24.00

Where: Ecotribe Teuge, Main house. Ambonstraat 2, 7395MA Teuge

Who we are: Stefania Ammirata is our ceremony master, Alla Nazarova, Danielle Roelofsen and Richard van Schie are our musicians, Rienk Noorman and DJ Dan are our DJ’s and Robert Keurntjes our chef.

Contribution: From a minimum contribution of 15 euros, you offer what you can and wish.

Info’s and registration: Send an email to
You are going to receive a confirmation email with details. Because of dinner preparation, registration is required.