The Field

The Field ~ A Constellational and Somatic Process

” Of all things trauma takes away from us, the worst is our willingness, or even our ability, to be vulnerable. There’s a reclaiming that has to happen.” – Brene Brown

The Core: What is love? Which is the journey into love, into its embodiment? Why do we shrink and withdraw from it? Why do we denied ourselves our own loyalty and respect, while giving them away in exchange of external recognition and love? How do we allow our heart to open inwards and our own love to stream through the river beds of our inner landscape, nourishing us in prosperity and abundance?

A deeply felt appreciation of who and what we are is needed…….a reorienting to the richness of our inner unfolding creative truth is needed……..a refinement of our senses, our intuition, and our perceptual skills…..our navigation skills is needed, a shift in beliefs and values is needed. Needed for us to cease seeking approval, for us to find the strength to embrace our fear of rejection and give ourselves permission to be the receiver of this powerful love we hide in us.

When we are struggling seeing the fertility of the void we are in. Entangled in the same net of patterns and disharmonies, even though we have been wanting to experience change, growth and freedom. When we feel there are unresolved issues from our past that are destructively impacting our life. When we sense we hold ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world that are blocking us from accessing our strength. From trusting our ‘Soul Mission’. From loving ourselves.

What is that we need than? What is that is needed for the pain to be transformed into a seed for inner joy?

We keep falling in the same trap, over and over, because we keep a narrowed view of our “problems”. We see ourselves decontextualized, separated from the whole. We judge life as good and bad, right and wrong, excluding from our oneness what feels harming, disowning, weakening. But the distinction between good and bad works on a superficial level and is totally unable to embrace what emerges from the depths.

The whole of ourselves is beyond the wall of judgements and beliefs.

Beyond what is in front of us, beyond the narrowed and the straight, beyond what is clearly visible. Beyond, where our own journey is connected to the field, a spiritual field that includes life as a whole. It is in this field that the truth shifts our beliefs, expands our boundaries and heals our future. It is in this field that our awareness astonishes in the presence of the richness of possible paths we might choose from. It is in this field that freedom from the repetitive patterns, entanglements, and limitations we are tighten into is found. It is in this field that the true movement of the soul is allowed to act fully according to our inner movement, dismantling exclusion and welcoming inclusion. It is in this field that we feel our “perfection”, acknowledging who we are.

Self-love: The lack of love, seems to me the greatest limitation, the tightest chain we are tighten into.

Do we deserve love? Are we worth enough to deserve and receive love?

This profound lack keep us silent, fearful, and complaint and it prevents us from “living our life”. It prevents us from taking responsibility for our light and integrity, colouring all with feelings of deep shame, self-sabotage, comparison, self-doubt, competition and attenuation. 

Where did we learn to dim our light? To disempower ourselves? To deny to our incredible gifts and talents the space to create the life we dream?

Often, beliefs and patterns that kept us safe in childhood, become real barriers to our empowerment in adult life. Left unacknowledged, they sabotage and endanger our ability for self-love and self-respect. Hiding in the unconscious they decide for us: what it means to be us; what is possible and impossible for us; what is expected and what is taboo.

Every time we transgress the boundaries of our family field, of our society field, guilt and fear are at the doorstep, asking us to stay silent, to stay small, to remain complaint and invisible.

Are we ready to feel the guilt and the fear and step anyway beyond the confines of the known land of our inherited beliefs? Are we ready to embrace the past, stop replaying the dysfunctional patterns we have learned and discover our own way? To seed and nourish your own path? Your own field? How often do you say to yourself ‘I love you’? How often do you celebrate yourself? Your life?

The Process: What does it need to come to light, to be seen and be acknowledged, for us to give permission to ourselves to create lasting change in our lives and to choose to be happy?

We are going to gather into a constellational circle, together into the Field, supporting each other’s inner truth and dynamics, each other’s inner movement to be revealed. The process is a journey, an experiential journey. Bringing the invisible, the veiled into a space where we can look at it, see it, feel it, touch it and ultimately embody it.

There are fields within fields within fields……..

We will explore new, unknown territories, crossing and re-crossing boundaries between the fields. From the family field, into the personal, into the collective, into the inclusiveness of the spiritual field. From the past into future, into the present.

Our physical body, our physical field, is going to be our spaceship. A body that by being movement resonates with the deepest movement of the universal soul……..a tool into awareness, healing and transformation.

Deep grounding into high flying, this journey will make us more open and sensitive to our inner landscape’s messages and overall to the ability of our flesh to space shift us into the spiritual world and back into the now with new insights and revelations.

With Spiritual Family Constellation, Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy, we are going to adventure together through a process of creative exploration and reseeding of our values, our beliefs and dreams…..observing our movement, physical and energetic, in relation to the group system and the spiritual field we belong to……and exploring our blocks to regain authority on our energy, by freeing it from trauma’s entanglements, in order to bring more awareness, flow and health in our lives.
Every meeting will be guided from the experience itself and from the revealed feelings, perceptions, truths and insights of the participants.

The deepest streams that will carry us throughout the process:

  • The truth – The True movement of the soul
  • Self-love

For who: Everyone ready “to see”, wishing and willing to gain more insight into their obstructing patters and entanglements, wishing and willing to free their essence into the creation of a new born self.

It is possible to participate by exploring an issue you would like to dive deeply into and receive your own constellation or to participate as a representative. Still a constellation is always……always for the entire group. In addition, this one day process is very suitable to get acquainted with the Spiritual Family (Systemic) Constellations approach.

The treasures that are waiting for you:

  • A space to be. To be in service and to be served.
  • A shift in view and beliefs………a meeting with the truth.
  • Exploration and transformation of old patterns and entanglements in families and in life.
  • The ability to navigate change: being present, listening, allowing, moving with and determining.
  • Coming home into the physical body, stimulating body awareness, creativity flow and emotional integration.
  • The seeding of a new cycle.

Our Tools: Expressive Arts TherapyFamily Constellations TherapyOpen Source Forms Technique, and the Medicine Wheel.

Where: Studio Panta Rhei, Van Hetenstraat 59 – 7415 TT Deventer

When: Saturday 20 November & 11 December 2021 and Saturday 15 January & 12 February 2022 from 10.00 till 18.00.

These journeys are made to be taken as a full process or independently from each other.

Contribution: If you wish to receive a constellation, 120 euros.

If you wish to participate as a representative, 45 euros.

When you choose to engage with the full process, your contribution is of 230 euros.

……..and if you cannot afford it, just contact me, together we find a way through.

Deadline for registration: For our first journey or the full process, on Thursday 18 November 2021.
8 participants. Take your place.

Registration: Wishing to offer safety and space to everyone needs, registration is required.

If you wish to join, please send an email to You book your place by getting your ticket.

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