The Gender Rebellion: A Journey into Wholeness

The Gender Rebellion: A Journey into Wholeness

An expressive arts therapeutic journey from gender conditioning and role confinements, into a jointly dance of harmonious bond of feminine and masculine, into the embodiment of the interconnectedness of our sacred duality.

As individuals of all sexual identities, we are going to share our stories, letting go of gender injustice and fixed convictions. With the use of story telling, meditation, constellations work, dance and drawing, we are going to explore our sexuality, our feminine and masculine inner beings and all the beings in between, above, below and beyond and how they relate with each other and with the outer world……we are going to cultivate recognition, forgiveness and find ways to create intimacy and transformation.

This journey is offered as a co-creation of a world wide event : 7 Days of Rest and Reflection. We wish to seed the creation of “a global field of rest, reflection and intention for the healing and replenishment of the Planet and all its Inhabitants……..Restoring the sacred relationship of the Feminine and Masculine, within us and beyond us, is vital for our ability to evolve in a way that protects and honors all Life. This meta-intention provides a potent healing membrane for the whole event”.

When: 07 January 2019 from 10.30 to 12.30
Where: Centrum Via Natura – T.G. Gibsonstraat 41, 7411RP Deventer (

Fee: Free Entrance.

Info: ( For information about the world wide festival). 

For information about the event’s branch in Deventer, you can email or go to: