Bio-Resonance Therapy

The word “bio” means life and it refers to all living organisms such humans, animals, plants and microorganisms. “Resonance” comes from the Latin word ‘resonare’ which means to vibrate together. Bio-resonance, therefore, has to do with living systems which vibrate at a certain frequency. In order to vibrate together, to resonate, the vibration frequencies of the transmitter have to match those of the receiver.

Bio-resonance therapy is a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, the basis of which is founded on recent findings in the field of biophysics. In many cases, we can, with this therapeutic approach, unveil the true, often hidden cause of illness. It is painless and has no side effects.

We know that our body has a great capacity of self-healing. With its incredible system, it eliminates or reduces influences, however unusual they may be. But if such influences continue over a long period of time and if the burden is too big, self-healing capacity of our body reduces at first, then fades and finally vanishes.

All matter both consists of energy and radiates it.

Matter is concentrated energy. At the same time matter emits energy. Each substance as well as each cell, body part, virus, bacterium or pollen emits energy that has a specific wave length or frequency with its own characteristics. We call it a frequency pattern.

Cells communicate with each other.

Our body works only if cells communicate and exchange information with each other. This communication happens at the speed of light and the information is transmitted through specific frequencies. In a healthy body, information flows smoothly, so every cell and body part can fulfil its task.

Burdensome influences or substances can hinder communication between cells.

If harmful substances or radiations burden our bodies (toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc.), their burdensome frequency patterns can hinder communication between cells. Interference in communication between cells may result in organic, bodily change. If communication between cells is hindered, cell function is hindered as well, which first results in various forms of unexplained hypersensitivity disorders, reduced capacity or chronic fatigue and even in organic changes followed by diverse symptoms.

Detecting burdens precisely and individually.

With the Bio-resonance therapy device, we encompass typical frequency patterns of any substance and find out how it influences the patient’s body. The testing is completely painless. In the vast majority of cases we are able to find the burdens that cause the patient’s illness (bacteria, viruses, electro-smog, dental materials, allergens, etc.).

We encompass the disturbing frequency pattern and turn it into a therapeutic one.

When practicing Bio-resonance therapy, we encompass the patient’s frequency pattern. The device changes it into a therapeutic frequency pattern and sends it back to the patient.

The body’s own regulatory process is restored.

This is how we can diminish the burdensome frequency patterns and overcome the basic disorder in our body. The burdensome substances are released and excreted. The self-healing capacity is reactivated.

The Process of Bio-resonance Therapy.

Diagnosis: Using a special painless Bio-resonance testing, the therapist finds out whether there is any intolerance or allergies present, whether any organ is weakened and whether the toxic substances negatively influence our body. With Bio-resonance test, it is possible to define the hidden cause of a dis-balance, in most of the cases.

Therapy: Based on diagnosis, the therapist knows which burdens are the heaviest to bear for our entire system and which kind of therapy is needed. The therapist usually makes an individual therapeutic plan and gives advice about potential accompanying measures. During Bio-resonance therapy, the therapist places electrodes on the patient who sits or lies in a comfortable position. One session usually lasts approximately 45 minutes. The intention, of this non-invasive therapy is to eliminate the influences that cause illness and to restore the body’s own self-healing capacity. The number of sessions needed depends on various factors.

Additional: During the treatment, a remedy can be created by charging it with the correct frequencies. The remedy is going to contain the same harmonious vibrations/information we just received through the Bio-resonance device and it can be taken home to enhance the treatment effect and to prolong it.

Bio-resonance Therapy is

  • a natural treatment for asthma
  • a natural allergy remedy
  • it can treat Candida Albicans
  • it is a cure for eczema and neuro-dermatitis
  • it can cure internal organ diseases
  • it is an alternative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
  • it can help with migraines
  • it can treat sports injuries
  • it is a natural remedy for all kinds of pain
  • it supports with the decision to loose weight
  • it is a natural healing for teeth and jaw problems
  • it assists with addictions
  • it can be a solution for geopathic and electromagnetic burdens
  • it is a natural remedy for strengthening immune system
  • it supports in letting go of emotional and physical blockages.


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