The Inner Family Laboratory – Groningen

THE INNER FAMILY (Groningen) – A Family Constellations, OSF and Spiritual Healing Practice Laboratory

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens”. – Carl G. Jung

Description: Are we aware of our vulnerabilities and potentials and of how to turn them into a strength? Do we have access to our gifts, talents and abilities, in order to use them as creative and transformational tools? Do we occupy our rightful place within our family system, humbly accepting our mothers and our fathers, fully for who they are, without trying to change them? Do our inner girlchild and boychild have a space where they can cultivate their innocence, trust in the other and joyful playfulness? Are we proceeding on in our life path? Or do we feel bound by something or someone who does not allow us to walk our steps, with confidence and intention?

With Family Constellation therapy, Open Source Forms technique and Spiritual Healing practice as companions, we are going to dive into a profound process of therapeutic exploration of our “Inner Family” archetype, its influence on our life and its way to express itself into the outer world. An inner journey, where the power of the experience and the power of the group, will guide us through a process of self-discovery and growth. We will become explorers, listeners of the need for interconnection and individualization of our being. By observing our physical and energetic movement in relation to the group system, the “family” system we are part of, we are going to investigate our hidden dynamics and traumatic blocks, to regain authority over our energy and to become conscious participants of our in continuous becoming reality.

Our Inner Family is symbolized by four concepts: the father, the mother, the boychild and the girlchild. Each one of these archetypal concepts has a loving and unloving state. The intention of this laboratory is to become familiar with these archetypes, with how we express them through life and to make them conscious in order to make them our ally, bringing more awareness, clarity, playfulness and flow of love in our lives.

The treasures you will bring home with you:

  • What is the inner family archetype and its 4 archetypical concepts.
  • Their unloving and loving state.
  • How to access them and how to engage in the inner dialogue.
  • Their inner dynamics and how to harmonize them.
  • Stimulate self-knowledge and self-esteem.

The process will be guided by the experience itself and by the perceptions, feelings, and the revealed truths of each participants.

Our tools: The listening, the group, the experience, Family Constellations Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique, Expressive Arts Therapy and Spiritual Healing Practice.

Language: English & Dutch

When: 19 & 20 May 2018 from 11.00 till 17.00

Where: Biotoop – Kerklaan 30 F – 9751 NN Haren, Groningen, Netherlands  ( and  facebook page: VleugelF@vleugelFpodium)

Contribution: Early birds, before the 06 May 2018, euro 80.00. After this date, euro 100.00.

Registration: You can sign up via email to Further you are going to receive a confirmation email with details about payment and registration.

Stefania Ammirata is a dance artist, somatic educator, OSF certified teacher, Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner and Bio-resonance, Expressive Arts and Family Constellations therapist.



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