The Inner Family Laboratory

The Inner Family – A Family Constellation, OSF and Spiritual Healing Practice Laboratory

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens”. – Carl G. Jung

Description: Our lives are influenced from our inner patterns, patterns that might support our growth or inhibit it. With Family Constellation therapy, Open Source Forms technique and Spiritual Healing practice, we are going to dive into a deep process of therapeutic exploration of our “Inner Family” archetype, its influence on our inner life and its way to express itself into the outer world. Our Inner Family is symbolized by four concepts: the father, the mother, the boychild and the girlchild. Each one of these archetypal concepts has a loving and unloving state. Supported by the power of the experience and the power of the group, the intention of this laboratory is to become familiar with these archetypes, how we express them through life and to make them conscious in order to make them our ally.

The treasures you will bring home with you:

  • What is the inner family archetype and its 4 archetypical concepts.
  • Their unloving and loving state.
  • How to access them and how to engage in the inner dialogue.
  • Their inner dynamics and how to harmonize them.
  • Stimulate self-knowledge an self-esteem.

Tools: Family Constellation Therapy, OSF Technique, Spiritual Healing Practice and the Inner Family Archetype.

Language: English & Dutch

When: Saturday 31 March, Saturday 14 & 28 April 2018, from 14:00 till 17:00. (It is possible to participate to one session or to the entire series) 

Where: Buitengewoonbijbabet, Deventerweg 48 – 7214 DH, Epse (

Fee: On donation.

Registration: Because of the limited space, registration is required, just send an email to

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