The Integrated Approach

The intention is to tune body, soul and mind using the ability to listen, observe and redirect, offered from the integration of four therapeutic approaches, Family Constellations Therapy, Bio-resonance Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies System and Open Source Forms Technique/ Body Awareness Therapy. These tools, these therapeutic techniques have the ability to guide us into awareness of our physical, mental and emotional state, and to stimulate the natural healing capacity of our system.

We are spiritual beings anchored into this reality through our physical bodies.It is here, in the body, in the container of our entire life experiences, in the expression of our biology, personality and soul, that we can experience ourselves and our different layers of being, layers of perception and layers of action.

Every layer is a level of awareness and response. It is a way we possess that can enable us to “listen” and “observe” the world, ourselves and our being in relation. I will call these layers, the physical, the mental and the emotional body. When the communication between these three is fluid, alive and clear than we experience ourselves as healthy, balanced, connected and as a unified whole.

The physical body, operates through sensation, body posture, body parts, breath, gesture and movement. Here is where all of our life experiences reside. The stage of our inner life. Here is where all of our biological functions are happening, and where unbalances become matter, become what we call “illness”. When we are sick or out of balance it becomes difficult to remain connected with this level, we tend to escape the physical discomfort and to choose to silence it through medicines. But it is on this level, that by having the courage to “listen” to what is happening, to the symptoms of our discomforts, that the way towards healing might open. It is important to remain connected with our physical body, that has the ability to bring us back into the here and now and to enable us to stay with what is happening, instead of fleeing away. As a tool for self-awareness, through the physical body we can become aware in terms of space, time, force and shape.Through tactile, breath and movement exercises, we can get to know our physical body and use it to restore health. Through bio-resonance we can get to the organic source of our symptoms and alleviate our discomfort. Less physical suffering enables us to cope with our illnesses and to find the space to move into the deeper “bodies” to the real cause of our imbalance.

The emotional body, operates through feelings and emotions. Here are contained the imprints of the emotional aspect of our memories as well as our current emotional state. This level of awareness is the bridge between our physical and our mental body. Here our thoughts are translated into emotions and into feeling states, into perceptions in order to become perceivable. Here is where our emotional life is in movement. Where our emotional patterns that keep us entangles with the conditioning of the past are located. Here is where we might shake loose from these entanglements in order to embody the capacity to be more fully and expressively present and in movement with the flow of our emotions and our feelings. Since every emotion manifests and evolves in its unique way, and influences the other bodies in its particular, special way, we can consciously observe the movement of our emotions, and get information that allow us to get in contact with our inner life, heal wounded parts and trough this transform our realities and the influence on the other bodies, bringing healing into the entire system. It is through this level that we might get in contact with our “inner child”, his not jet healed wounds and the inner holes that these wounds have created. The Bach Flower Remedies are a spiritual journey, are a lens that allow us to observe and embrace our emotions and feelings without judgement. They gift us with acceptance, allowing us to be open to receive whatever message our emotions and feelings have for us and with the ability to create space for integration instead for separation.

The mental body operates through thinking processes, images, memories and associations. Here reside the power of confession, that liberates our spirit from painful learning cycles and redirects us into creative, positive energies of life. Here we can analyse and redirect our thought and their creative power, here we separate, we discern, we embrace and we unite. The site of ideas and of our imagination, through the mental body and the use of images, and its power to offer kinesthetic experiences, we can guide ourselves into a wholeness state of deep consciousness and expanded awareness. Because thoughts can be holding patterns

The principles:

The method of my practice aims to provide guidance in facilitating the expressive interaction and communication between the physical, emotional and mental body, necessary to experience the self as a unified whole, as a spiritual body.

It focuses on enlivening the relationships between the physical, emotional and mental levels, based on the following principles:

  • From the ground of physical responses and expression, emotional and mental information emerge.
  • When any of the “body” is isolated from or in opposition to another, intrapsychic and interpersonal conflict arises.
  • As each “body” is tuned and aligned with the others, higher level of awareness, creativity and healing are possible.
  • The more creative the communication and interaction between the physical, the emotional and the mental “body” is, the more conscious, authentic and integrated we become.
  • When the first three bodies are well integrated, we become like a channel able to access higher levels of consciousness, opening up to transcendent and spiritual energy.

We are going to work experientially and metaphorically with our past and with our present. We are going to “observe” the ways in which our life experiences inhabit, influence us and manifest in us at an unconscious as well as a conscious level. By listening to ourselves through the different “bodies”, using them as a tool for awareness and response, recognizing and working through restricting or liberating physical, emotional and mental patterns we can identify what keeps us attached to the entanglements of the past and what set us free. We are going to stimulate ourselves into the embodiment of the capacity to be more fully and expressively present in the moment, in order to be able to accept and integrate the experience and move towards real healing, the healing of the Soul, where everything is integrated, interconnected, where nothing is excluded and where everything is included.

Working method:

Each one of us has his “way to enter”, his own unique way to access and deal with reality. Each individual prefers one “body”, one level of awareness over another. Based on that, we are going to “enter” our process throughout the “body” the person is choosing or presenting and because the “bodies” are interconnected, the work with one of them will trigger the awakening of another, guiding our awareness through the journey. One at the time, we are going to focus on one “body” and then switch from one to the other in any order, following the chain of influences that is going to be set in movement. By working with each of the three “bodies”, we begin to identify personal strength and weaknesses, as well as habitual patterns and blockades. We are going to use our strength to reconnect with ourselves and gently we are going to shift attention to the weaker “bodies” and end by focusing on the integration of all three of them.

The client is anyway free to choose for the integrated approach or only for one of the therapeutic techniques I’m offering.


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