The Internal Sense of Self

Summer Dance Retreat 2015 – France



The Internal Sense of Self

“At the heart of each of us whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, made up of wave forms and resonances, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything in the universe. The act of getting in touch with this pulse can transform our personal experience and in some way alter the world around us. “ – George Leonard

Description: With our dancing and sounding body as a tool to access our creative self, this workshop is journeying us through the process of listening and surrendering to our ‘limited’ being and its potentials to be a portal into our ‘unlimitedness’.

Alone, in couple and in group we are going to perceive and question our boundaries, our edges in terms of structure and in terms of energy. We are going to explore our boundaries between different layers of ourselves, between we and the others, between inner and outer spaces and their quality to separate as well as to connect.

We will investigate limitations as support, as a secure, familiar environment and we are going to let them dissolve into a never ending pulsating universe of movement and transformation, of unity and unknown, where the self exists in its absence of form and structure.

The workshop is going to gently shift between physical exploration, through dance and sound and emotional one, supported from the Bach Flower Remedy System philosophy and use of remedies.

For who: Open to everyone interested in the process of self unfolding through the awareness of the body in movement, of the dancing body and the supportive power of the Bach Flower Remedy System.

Open Source Forms Technique (OSF)Offers a method to access depth, specificity, courage, rigor, integration and freedom in movement, vocal practice and performance. It is a process of self-awareness, it is a journey throughout the wholeness of the self and its potential for “novelty”. With the dancing body as a tool, we are guided through a process of self-unfolding, where the individual is approached in terms of movement and transformation. The physical self is seen as a metaphor for the infinite layers of the self, where the “letting go” on a physical level embodies the “letting go” on an emotional and mental plane. Listening and allowing support the manifestation of a freer being, free in terms of movement and thoughts, free from preconceived ideas, holdings and unnecessary tension and able to experience openness, autonomy, flexibility and effortlessness. Through tactile exchange, in couples or in group, OSF brings us into the specificity of the physical self. Through the use of poetic images and its power to offer kinesthetic awareness, brings us directly into the creation. Each image expresses a different state, characterized from a different quality in movement and stimulates changes in feeling, perception and awareness. The “delicacy” of the class creates an environment most conductive for growth and transformation, where the individual can find trust in himself and in the universal forces.

Bach Flower Remedie System: More than fifty years ago, a doctor and researcher Dr. Edward Bach developed his new form of “flower remedy system”, which focused on the mental and emotional factors as causes of illness.

The system attempts to treat the patient’s soul. Bach believed physical illnesses to be a result of an instability on an emotional level, as a conflict between the “personality” and the “higher self”.

The thirty-eight Bach flowers encompass all of the important quality of the human psyche. The millions of permutations and combinations of the 38 remedies make it possible to deal with every unique and constantly in transformation personality.

When: Sunday 12 July (Arrival in La Pinalie around 16.h00) – Saturday 18 July (Departure from La Pinalie after breakfast around 10.h00).

Program:    9.h00 Breakfast

                         10.h00 – 12.h30 “The Internal Sense of Self”

                         12.h30 – 16h.30 Lunch + Break

                         16.h30 – 18h.00  “The Internal Sense of Self”

                         19.h00 Dinner

                         Wednesday afternoon is free.

The 18th century studio with natural stone walls and an inviting Chestnut’s wooden floor, together with the astonish nature of “La Pinalie”
are going to be the stage of our dance, of our creativity and self-expression.
We will have a long lunch break to create space for being in the nature, laying on the grass, enjoy the sun, explore the forest surrounding La Pinalie. The evenings are to enjoy the freedom of being in nature, to share with each other, to sit around the warmth of a burning fire-place, to be one with the stars.

Where: La Pinalie is a little hamlet situated in the Northern Dordogne, in the “Parc Naturel-Perigord Limousin”, with its characteristic woods, hills and meadow land, and where peace and silence are the hosts of the land. Deer, foxes, bark owls, lizards are the inhabitants of the forest surroundings La Pinalie.

An explosion of green nuances and huge soft green fields, where the sun is our companion and the delicate flight of colorful butterflies and joyful swallows are sharing our journey towards the sacred place of our heart.

The river Dronne is guiding us for a long walk through the beauty of this wonderland, creating, now and then, magical spots to invite us to bath. And if we wish to swim a nearby lake (5 km) is there for us.

P_inleiding_2Accommodation: On the terrain there are two, in authentic style, restructured 18th century houses, with natural stone walls, wooden beams, and the sweet, welcoming and full of beauty and care energy created by the host and owner of La Pinalie, Maite Volpato.

La Pinalie offers accommodation in 1,2,3 or 4 persons room.

A soft green field is open for camping.

Toilets and showers are available inside as well outside the houses.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in delicious vegetarian, Mediterranean kitchen, full of sun and the taste of France.

An open terrace and the field surrounding the houses are our eating spaces.

Language: English (Dutch would be the support language).

Costs: Inclusive workshop, accommodation and meals.


camping with your own tend: euro 550,-

3 or 4 persons room: euro 600,-

2 persons room: euro 630,-

1 person room: euro 680,-

Closing date for registration: 1 June 2015

Registration: You can sign up via email to

Further you are going to receive a confirmation email with details about payment and registration.

Stefania Ammirata: is a dance artist, somatic educator and OSF certified teacher.

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