The Moon Journey 2020/2021 Online

The Moon Journey

Dark Moon Women Circle

Art: Emily Balivet

How would life move us, with us, through us, when we respond to the call of the collective feminine?
A call into the creative, sensual, erotic and intuitive sagacity of our physical body.
Who would we be, become, if we decolonize our physical space from all the embodied conformations, standardizations, judgments……from all the cultural and political norms and models? From all the embodied oppressions and limitations that we unconsciously perpetrate and empower? Freeing ourselves from sexual and beauty “codes”, from outer structures and inflexible models.
A call into re-inhabiting our own inner landscape, her mystery and wildness and her being earthly and watery connected with the heritage of the primordial wisdom of the feminine.
It is in the physical body that we are guided through a process of acknowledging our own presence and place in life, of acknowledging shame and fear, beauty and joy.
It is in the “nakedness” of our physical body that our truth can answer our deepest questions and longings………the physical becomes nectar for our sensing, sensual and erotic expression……
How would life move us, with us, through us, when we allow the life-giving force of our inner, sensual female landscape to give birth to freedom of being?

The Moon Journey invites, us into the root of our feminine body, this sacred intimate space in our physical landscape that is treasuring our pelvic organs, our creative flow, our sensual and erotic strength.
A journey from structure into freedom, from separation into belonging, from models into essence……..shifting attention, widening our awareness of the self and the larger feminine.
A journey home, recolonizing our inner land, reconnecting with the intimacy of our emotional and intuitive body, cultivating vulnerability and strength, rebellion and allowing, stillness and movement……practicing the embodiment of equanimity and diversity of the circle, autonomy and belonging, trust and rebellion within the supportive and embracing safety and warmth of sisterhood.
A journey in togetherness with the Moon Cycle and her movement through the seasons of the autumn, the winter, the spring and the summer, becoming dark, new, full……waning and waxing in a dance of resonances with our bodies and the creative female force of life.

The moon journey moves through 4 main inspirational and feeding movements:
~ The Moon of the West: the autumn, harvesting, the wild woman, pre-menstrual phase, withdrawing, waning moon.
~ The Moon of the North: the winter, conception, the hag woman, bleeding phase, residing inside, dark moon.
~ The Moon of the East: the spring, birth, the virgin woman, follicular phase, moving outwards, waxing moon.
~ The Moon of the South: the summer, growth, the mother phase, being in the world, full moon.

Who we are: Stefania Ammirata is our ceremony facilitator, Pe Molemaker (FB account: Saskia van der Bron) and Tamira Bosch are our circle’s guardians.

Our Resources: Our willingness to be and allow, our own wisdom, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of our being, our ability to share within a process of giving and receiving, the experience and our being the embodiment of the cycle and the circle, the dancing and the singing…..the receptive and expressive body.

Our tools: Open Source Forms Technique, Family Constellations Therapy, Body Awareness Method, Story Telling, Expressive Arts Therapy, Shamanic Processes and Spiritual Healing Practice.

When: 11 February from 19.30 till 22.30
Monthly gathering……we come together with every Dark Moon.

Calendar 2020/2021:
16 October 2020
15 November 2020
14 December 2020
20 December 2020 (The Dawn: Winter Solstice)
13 January 2021
11 February 2021
13 March 2021
12 April 2021
11 May 2021
10 June 2021
21 June 2021 (The Dusk: Summer Solstice)
10 July 2021
08 Augustus 2021
07 September 2021

Where: Online.

Contribution: On a sliding scale, between 15,00 or 20,00 or 25,00 euros, based on your financial possibilities, you offer what you can and wish. The contribution of € 15,00 is covering the basic costs, if you wish to support us, you would need to contribute by sliding up the scale.

If you cannot afford it, just contact me, together we find a way through. :))))

Registration:  You book your place by getting your ticket. You are going to receive an email with details about login and space and self preparation.

Our tickets:

Information: Send an email to or call 0031.6.152113

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