The Moon Journey – Celebrating Wholeness

Full Moon Online Circle

Open to Everyone that Hears the Call – From Women……to Men

Celebrating the awakening of Mother Earth, in enthusiasm and fullness of being, we gather. Imagination, mystery, dreams, intuition, feelings……what is hiding beyond the physical, that only the body can guide us into? Which one is this cycle harvest of which this full moon is the radiant celebration?  Upon darkness, the light of the moon shines to bring us clarity….what has been unveiled for us to see?

Let’s become the sacred space of rounded presence of the circle…..completion, wholeness…fullness… embrace of light that includes and unifies us all.


This full moon is an invitation to freedom from separation, exclusion and gender restriction. An invitation to meet one another in the circle, here, where conditioning and confinements are falling away into a jointly dance of harmonious bond.  

Do you accept the challenge? Opening up to what seems stranger to you?

Stillness in movement……and movement in stillness and all the nuances in between that are colouring life with calmness and excitement. Whatever qualities we are embodying, inhabiting a female or a male body, here is where we meet, in the circle, coming together in a reconciling embrace to heal the collective wound of abusing and being abused…..we are all victims and perpetrators healing shame by reclaiming diversity, healing shame by reclaiming our “space” to be. Here is where we meet, in the circle, here where through your presence I’m listening to myself, listening to the encounter that reveals a part of my lie and a part of my truth, as my whole body widens to sense beyond the known, beyond the past, beyond me. 

“Celebrating Wholeness” is born from the need to allow a conscious dance between enfolding and unfolding…..between moving out into the encounter with the world and moving within meeting myself. From the search for support and sharing in a moment where I deeply wish to nourish my ability to feel and sense myself colouring my own space and the wish to move beyond myself. When we meet, in the encounter there is always a part of you that teaches me a “new how”……this is what I need, to unfold into us and with all the gifts I receive from you, come home, enfolding into the experience of my renewed self….What else is possible? 

Let’s become the breath flowing out to transform the world……flowing in to transform ourselves. 

Our resources: the circle, our own wisdom, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, our willingness and ability to share, the experience and our being the embodiment of the cycle and the circle, the dancing and singing body.

Our tools: Open Source Forms Technique, Family Constellations Therapy, Body Awareness Method, Story Telling, Shamanic Processes and Spiritual Healing Practice.

How to connect online: We are going to use Zoom, an online program that enables us to virtually come together. It is helpful to download the program in advance:
If you wish to join the circle, registration is required. When you send an email to, you are going to receive a link, through which we can access our online moon journey. Connection is easier through the computer and it is pleasant if we connect it to our sound system.

Creating our space at home:
The process might shift from dancing, into meditating, into drawing, writing, sharing, singing…..We need to create two spaces, a space where we can freely move and dance and our own nest, a space with pillows and blankets where we can nest when we feel to.

What do we else need:
A candle
Some incense, or salvia or copal……….
Paper and colours to write or draw
An instrument (Just if you have one)

The process:
Our Zoom circle opens the doors at 19.20……At 19.30 we start, beginning by sharing some practicalities before we jump into the unknown…….If you choose to journey with us, please make your commitment to be on time and be present.

Who we are: Stefania Ammirata is our ceremony facilitator, Pe Molemaker (FB account Saskia van der Bron) and Tamira Tuinman are our circle’s guardians.

Thursday 07 May 2020 at 19.30.

A contribution is welcome, we warmly appreciate the support. Just feel what you wish and can…..this is possible through a Paypal link: or by bank: or by bank to Resonantia, NL02 TRIO 0338 6024 61.

Facebook event:

Art: Gabriel Pacheco