The State of Presence

The State of Presence

Description: The class creates a space for self consciousness, stimulating internal knowing and understanding.

The focus is on kinesthetic awareness, giving attention to the “ listening ”, listening to ourselves, the space and the connections.

Being proactive in the action of perceiving and responding.

Through guided imagery, partner studies and voice and breathing work, a state of presence is enhanced, allowing old patterns to be recognized and released and to allow the unknown self to manifest, stimulating connectivity and freedom in movement.

These labs are inspired from the discoveries of the last research on “touch”.

We are going to investigate the ability of touch to support an experience of what it could mean to be in a “state of presence” and how, from this state, the potential, of every moment, for unlimited choices is revealed.

We are going to experience and research touch as a creative power, as a communicator and carrier of meaning, as an active focus, as an exchange of trust and support.

Where and When: 15-19 December 2014 at Studio Area 59 (www.facebook/AREA59DANCETRAINING)

Marcusstraat 50, 1091TK – Amsterdam


Area 59 is an independent collective of dance/performance artists based in Amsterdam, who are starting a new initiative of daily quality trainings offering a variety of approaches to the dance community ranging from, experimental or conceptual research to very physical proposals, from specific movement vocabularies to a study of different elements and tools that defines or enriches the stage presence.
Our wish is to help create a platform for the dance and performing community in Amsterdam with the aim of meeting, sharing and working together by having regular daily practices that involve the body, mind and the soul.

Fee: Euro 5,- each class