The Whispering Body

The Whispering Body

A Journey from the Actual into the Metaphoric Body

An Open Source Forms & Art Therapy Laboratory

The whispering body is a platform for creative processes generated from the act of listening to the now of our bodies. A journey of freedom-giving to our held energy and what we believe being our story, in order to connect with the potential for creativity and renewal inherent, inborn in our body and use it to rewrite our journey. A space to notice, experience, and feel the presence of our physical body and its constant whispering to our senses through sensations, feelings, memories and images.

Our Journey:

From experiential anatomy into movement functions into the imaginal body. We are going to begin our process by exploring different parts of our physical body. Each session will investigate the anatomical structure, physiological functions and possibilities for movement of each body part. We are going to observe how we move. Is our movement bounded or free? Are we experiencing support or restriction from that specific part? Which movement we tent to repeat and which we tent to avoid? Which one is the quality of the movement? By exploring the actual body, associations are going to arise. Which kind of images, thoughts, emotions are evoked from a specific body part and its peculiar way of moving and functioning? Which life experiences are emerging that have been held in the body as trauma or memories or unaware patterns of any form? As the physical body moves also the mental and emotional one are joining the dance, inviting the metaphoric body to participate. Which story is that body part narrating? Which metaphoric qualities are guiding us towards emotional release and transformation? The process is going to end by establishing connection, communication, interaction and integration of the body as a whole. Which kind of creative dialogue is happening between the parts? How do we become an integrated and supported, highly communicative self?

The Treasures that we are going to take home:

– Expanded awareness of our physical body, its movement capacity and its ability to function in autonomy as well as an integrated whole.

– Exploration and transformation of old patterns and emotional blockages.

– A more balanced dialogue with and within our physical body, stimulating body awareness, energy flow and emotional integration.

– Conscious embodiment of our three bodies, physical, emotional and mental.

– Enhanced creativity.

Our Tools:

Expressive Art Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique, Body Awareness, Experiential Anatomy, Voice Expression…….supported by the power of listening, allowing and determining.

Where: Studio Panta Rhei, Van Hetenstraat 59 – 7415 TT Deventer

When: (Because of the Corona’s restrictions, I decided to suspend the process till we would have the possibility to come again physically together…….and here we are, on Sunday the 7th and 14th of June we are moving on and deeper into our bodies…..see new dates)

Sunday 1 & 8 & 15 & 22 & 29 March 2020 from 14.00 till 17.00

1 March – Head, face, neck, throat and jaw.

8 March – Chest and Shoulder girdle.

15 March – Spine.

22 March – Pelvis……(New date: 7 June)

29 March – Arms and Hands, Legs and Feet…….(New Date: 14 June)

Contribution: It is possible to join the entire series of 5 meetings or join them separately.

Single session: 30 euros

Two sessions: 50 Euros
Inclusive material and bio-tea and snacks.

Deadline for registration:
On the Thursday before we meet.
Maximum 10 participants. Take your place.

Info and Registration: Send an email to
You are going to receive a confirmation email with details about contribution and registration.

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