The Womb Rebellion: Leadership

The Womb Rebellion: Leadership

Embodying the Feminine

Art: Tran Nguyen

“A wall crumbles into openness,
as I reclaim my body as my own,
moving deep into my womb,
coming home in this space where the body becomes body,
where the spirit becomes body.
A wall crumbles into openness,
finding intimacy,
as my pain melts into feeling.
I listen to the long carried shame of my feminine soul,
I honour this pain,
shedding it into strength and creativity.
I’m resilient, I’m the sensual sensuality of creation.
I’m a woman, I’m the healing of the past,
I’m the womb, where light and darkness,
where masculine and feminine, reconcile into life.
A wall crumbles into openness,
each time I dare to be,
each time I spread my wings,
I bleed, I stand, I care, I dance,
each time I fight, I love, I shout my truth,
each time I breathe…..”.

Description: A two months in-depth journey throughout the sensual, instinctual, creative and fleshy landscape of the feminine body.
An inner pilgrimage, holding hands with the descending movement of the autumn, gently falling along the spine, to land into the warm, dark, cherishing and conceiving energy of the winter, to land into the silent and safe embrace of our “female belly”.
A process into re-inhabiting our pelvic realm, freeing it from any cultural and political domination, reclaiming our womb, our ovaries, our vagina as our own.
A practice in leadership, in self-awareness, learning to recognize our physical and emotional triggers in order to access our primordial female strength and transform shame and rage into the guiding courage of the Fierce Feminine.
My place, my body, my voice, my path……in empathy, receptivity and nourishment I become my own leader.
An adventure into our sensual, sacred anatomy, allowing our female organs to share their wisdom, to share the creative expression of our individuality within the heritage of the collective feminine.

Our Journey:
The process enfolds through 3 main lines.
1. Our meetings by Zoom, from within the body, through the body, into the body.
With the use of movement, sound, drawing, writing, meditation, internal massage and heritage, constellational work, our presence and each other’s support.
2. The process at home. Exploration and deepening what has been sown during our online sessions.
You are going to receive inspirations in a form of PDF, to support the further unfolding of the process, while being at home. (I will be available to your needs and questions).
3. The development of a gradually unfolding project. A creation of any sort, nurtured and rooted into the transforming process we are in.

Areas of exploration:
– What is feminine leadership?
– Our interconnectedness: the dance between autonomy and co-creation.
– Our sexual and sensual body as a portal into creativity and transformation.
– The pelvic bowl: anatomical structure, physiological functions, metaphorical messages.
– Our mother and father line as a doorway into the spiritual field and our connection with the Larger feminine.
– Our breath as portal into presence and awareness.
– The three spaces: pelvic floor, diaphragm and bed of the mouth as a doorway into inner connection and sense of belonging.
– The quality of touch.
– Body shame and inner strength: which life experiences are emerging that have been held in the pelvic bowl as trauma, stagnating emotions, or unaware patterns of any form? How to recognize and integrate them in order to use them as a strength?

The fruits you would be able to harvest:
– Expanded awareness of our female root and organs landscape: vagina, womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
– Exploration and transformation of old patterns and emotional blockages, in order to create a shift from reacting, into responding. Becoming our own leader.
– A more balanced dialogue with and within our physical body, stimulating body awareness, energy flow and emotional integration.
– Conscious embodiment of our three bodies, physical, emotional and mental.
– Acknowledge, nourish, honour our bond with our mother and father line, with our ancestors.
– Reconnection with our strength, inner values and creative power.

Our Tools:
Expressive Art Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique, Body Awareness, Experiential Anatomy, Voice Expression, Family Constellation…….supported by the power of listening, allowing and determining.

Where: From our home, within our body, with Zoom.

When: The zoom meetings are going to be held every two weeks.
Sunday 29 November 2020 from 14.00 till 17.00
Thursday 10 December 2020 from 19.30 till 22.30
27 December 2020 from 14.00 till 17.00
6 January 2020 from 19.30 till 22.30
24 January 2020 from 14.00 till 17.00
(Central Europe Time)

Early bird before the 21 November 2020, 200 euros inclusive BTW.
After the 21 November, 250 euros inclusive BTW.
10 participants. We wish to cultivate and share intimacy and depth.

This amount is consciously chosen in order to make this journey more easily available to everyone financial situation during the Corona’s crisis.

If you cannot afford it, just contact me, together we find a way through.

You can purchase your ticket here:

Facebook event:

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