The Womb Rebellion

The Womb Rebellion

Embodying Female Strength

A three days webinar

In our pelvic bowl we carry the collective trauma of the patriarchate. This space of strength and creation has become a place of abuse, denial, a place of stagnating emotion, a place of shame. As women as well as men, we carry here the pain of the wounded union between the feminine and the masculine. How do we reclaim our vagina, our womb, our ovaries as our own? How can we receive the strength that resides deep in our pelvic bowl, deep underneath the pain? How do we acknowledge shame and pain in order to reconnect with our inner, wild, feminine power? When we hold unwanted emotions into our body, we tend to outdistance ourselves from our physical home, renouncing to pleasure, to sexuality, to sensuality, to wildness…….to our strength.

Our rebellion, our revolution begins here in the womb, here, where our potential for creation, for change, for pleasure and intimacy resides… begins by allowing ourselves to meet the pain, the sadness, the shame, the fear and by allowing them to become the movement of resiliency and creativity. The choice to stop holding and denying is a shift from reacting to traumas into acting from strength.

Let’s fight as a woman…here deep from within our pelvis……let’s embody our power…..let’s reclaim our bodies and our ability to give birth to freedom of being.

Our Journey: From experiential anatomy into movement functions into the imaginal body. We are going to begin our process by exploring the different parts of our pelvic space. Each session will investigate the anatomical structure, physiological functions and possibilities for transformation and creativity of each part.  Are we experiencing support or restriction from that specific part? Is that part fully present or absent?Which one is the quality of the movement on a physiological and anatomical level? By exploring the actual body, associations are going to arise. Which kind of images, thoughts, emotions are evoked from a specific part and its peculiar way of moving and functioning? Which life experiences are emerging that have been held in the pelvic bowl as trauma or memories or unaware patterns of any form? As the physical body moves also the mental and emotional one are joining the dance, inviting the metaphoric body to participate. Which story is that part narrating? Which metaphoric qualities are guiding us towards emotional release and transformation?The process is going to end by establishing connection, communication, interaction and integration of the pelvic space as a whole. Which kind of creative dialogue is happening between the parts? How do we become an integrated and supported, highly communicative self?

(To deepen the process, you are going to receive home work between each session)

The fruits you would be able to harvest:

– Expanded awareness of our female root and organs landscape: vagina, womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

– Exploration and transformation of old patterns and emotional blockages.

– A more balanced dialogue with and within our physical body, stimulating body awareness, energy flow and emotional integration.

– Conscious embodiment of our three bodies, physical, emotional and mental.

– Enhanced creativity.

– Reconnection with our strength, inner values and creative power.

Our Tools:

Expressive Art Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique, Body Awareness, Experiential Anatomy, Voice Expression, Family Constellation…….supported by the power of listening, allowing and determining.

Where: Online, with Zoom.

When: On Thursday every two weeks: 25 June & 9 July & 23 July 2020 from 19.30 till 22.30.

Contribution: It is possible to join the entire series of 3 meetings or join them separately. Single session: 25 euros. Entire process: 60 euros (You save 15.00 euros :))))
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If you cannot afford it, just contact me, together we find a way through. If you live in a country where 25 euros are a huge amount of money and you feel that this journey is what you need at this moment, send me an email, there are women around the world to whom even a small donation would mean a lot. My proposal is to support them by offering your contribution to them. I still don’t know how, maybe through an organization…..I don’t know…..just let’s support each other. For me it is important that the flow of giving and receiving is respected, if you receive from me and you give it further to someone else, we honer the need for balance.

Deadline for registration: Entire process: 23 June – Single session: on the Tuesday before we meet.
Maximum 15 participants. Take your place.

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