Underneath – A Family Constellations and OSF’s Laboratory


Description:  What is hiding underneath the emotions that accompany us throughout our daily life? What is that we neglect deep within, in the deepest water of our inner life? How do we allow our underneath emotions to come to the surface and unfold?

This laboratory is an invitation to listen, observe, explore and sense, an invitation to become guardians of our inner space. It is an invitation to lift the veil and look underneath, while remaining in touch with our physical body in order to allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel and be guided into presentness and freedom. We are constantly shaped from within and our ability to move our awareness with suppleness is our tool into autonomy, flexibility and growth. When an emotion is neglected and held in the dark, our awareness gets transfixed and bound to that particular emotion, limiting our ability to experience novelty and bring flow into our lives. With Family Constellations Therapy, Spiritual Healing Practice and Open Source Forms Technique, we are going to allow the inner rebellion of the deepest layer of our soul, re-owning full embodiment, creating space for listening and witnessing. We are going to observe our trapped emotions, our core physical and energetic patterns, allowing them to emerge and be felt, supporting action towards true change.

The treasure you will bring home with you:

  • The knowledge of the two basic movements: reaching out and turning away, and their relation to our breathing patterns.
  • Primary and secondary emotions: their concepts, how to recognize them and how to shift from secondary into primary emotions.
  • Plutchick’s wheel of emotions.
  • How to relate to the emotions hiding into the four large inner body spaces, head, thorax, abdomen and pelvis.

Our tools: Family Constellations Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Open Source Forms Technique and Spiritual Healing Practice…….together with our dancing and moving body, our willingness to listen and allow and the power of the group.

When: Sunday 25 November from 13.30 till 17.30 and  Sunday 02 December 2018 from 13.00 till 18.00.

Where: Sterrenland – Meermuidenseweg 19b, 7391TD Twello (www.sterrenland.com)

Contribution: Early birds, before 11 November 100.00 euro. 
After the 11 of November 120.00 euro

You can register for one or two days. Still places available for the 02 of December. 
Inclusive material and bio-tea and snacks.

Deadline for registration: 18 November 2018 and 27 November if you wish to join on the 02 of December.

Info and Registration: Send an email to info@resonantia.nu.
You are going to receive a confirmation email with details about payment and registration.


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