Viaggio nel Campo ~ Journey into the Field

Journey into the Field ~ A Retreat in the Heart of Sicily

13th to 17th July 2022

Spiritual Constellations – Forest Bathing – Somatic Process


Stefania Ammirata & Emanuela D’ Agostino


Hi, I’m TREE.

You’ve always known me and yet maybe you’ve never really known me. At school you were taught that I am essential to your life, because I produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and that my leaves are green thanks to chlorophyll photosynthesis.

Growing up you spent pleasant moments in my company, climbing on my trunk, resting, sitting on my branches, looking for refreshment under my foliage on sunny days, picking and savoring my ripe fruits.

You know the names of a good number of my species and the names of my body parts. You know that I am very generous because I give food and shelter to so many other animals.

And then? And then you feel that there is something else.

That you and I are inextricably interwoven by a millennia-long symbiosis that, in addition to the physical one, involves different levels of existence. You feel it deep within yourself, even if you may not know how to express it.

Why do you use my name when you talk about the bond you have with your ancestors, do you think about my roots when you are looking for a connection with your origins or you wish for stability, do you invoke my name when you dream of a shelter where you can feel received when the world overwhelms you?

Because in the depth of your heart you know that I am another part of you, I am the father and the mother, I am your healer and your teacher, I am the axis of the world and I contain your soul.

I am a shaman and a prophet, the keeper of your intuition and if you want to immerse yourself in the field, know that I, the other brothers and the other sisters have always been waiting for you. 


Imagine taking our place in this ‘Field’, receiving and seeding, as we experience inclusion and acceptance in warmth, care and allowance.

Imagine being this field, becoming the trees, the forest, the roots, becoming our ancestors, our skin and bones………..becoming communication, connection, interrelation………………….becoming whole.

Imagine being fully present without fear, without judgement, without shame or guilt.

Imagine living our life without pleasing other’s point of view. Even ceasing pleasing our own untrue self.

Imagine the trust, the space, the shift if we would see how powerful we are, how gifted we are, how creative we are and manifest gracefully our soul’s journey.

Imagine being aware of our inner movement of sensations, and being navigated from our core wisdom.

Imagine owing the capacity to be, feel and give pleasure.

Imagine if we would have the chance to see our creation, to see ‘what is’, to see the truth, away from stories and lies, away from judgments and frames.

Imagine to live with love, in loyalty and appreciation for who we are.
………and breathe it all in………breathe deeply………
………in every teeny tiny space of your body………
We are potent, meaningful and valuable.
Let’s stop pretending to be who we are not.
Let’s stop telling and believing in lies.
When we open our eyes, we see the truth.
A truth that set us free, free to create the most magical magic we can give life to.

The Journey

This journey carries us free of rational thinking and judgement. It invites the “unknowing”, as an essential way of “knowing” the true movement of our soul. It evokes the mysteries of existence, it asks to surrender into the depth of the process that takes us apart and puts us back together again, new and expanded.

This journey celebrates every space in the natural body as an experiential and transformational landscape. It takes us into the skin, the tissues, the bones, the fluids, the organs. It takes us into the rivers, the trees, the leaves, the roots, the sky, the earth. It takes us into the fluid world of the sensuous self. Here feelings and emotions are felt, rumbling their way out, clearing the path for an intensely extraordinary life.

This journey is a sensorial, physical and spiritual immersion into the field. Into the forests and woods, within and without. An invitation to land back home into our roots and tune into the universal consciousness that infuses us all.

The Process

The process is a journey, an experiential journey. Bringing the invisible, the veiled into a space where we can look at it, see it, feel it, touch it and ultimately embody it.

We are going to allow ourselves to become explorers, together into the Field, supporting each other’s inner truth and movement to be revealed and to find root and expression.

We will benefit from Deep Ecology practices (sensory games, meditations, fluid movement sequences, regenerative practices) in close contact with trees, both in a rural as well as in a woody environment.

Within a constellational circle, we will become the explorer and the land of exploration itself. We will explore new, unknown territories, crossing and re-crossing boundaries between the fields. From the family field, into the personal, into the collective, into the inclusiveness of the spiritual field. From the past into future, into the present. From the physical into the woods and forests,

Our physical body, with its sensuous, intuitive and perceptive presence, is going to be our spaceship. A body that by being movement resonates with the deepest movement of the universal soul. A tool into awareness, healing and transformation.

We are going to practice and explore in Pura Vita, the Casale Officinale delle Madonie, a place set in the suggestive scrub of the Sicilian hinterland, as well as along the paths of the Park, completely immersed in a wild landscape full of ancient tree species.

Every meeting will be guided from the experience itself and from the revealed feelings, perceptions, truths and insights of the participants.

The deepest streams that will carry us throughout the process

The true movement of the soul

Our being nature. We are the field.

Pleasure & Celebration


Spiritual & Moving Constellations

Open Source Forms Technique & Somatic Process

Deep Ecology & Forest Bathing

Expressive Arts Therapy

Medicine Wheel

Psoas & Pelvic touch

Nat Tarots

Curious to read more about our resources?

The Program

Stay tuned! This program is in constant transformation.

Click here to follow the link into our program.

The treasures that are waiting for you

* A space to be and to become.

* A shift in view and beliefs………a meeting with the core.

* Exploration and transformation of old patterns and entanglements in families and in life.

* The ability to navigate change: being present, listening, allowing, moving with and determining.

* Coming home into the natural field.

* Reconnecting to our Soul, her needs for nourishment and freedom.

* Coming home into the physical body, stimulating body awareness, flow of expression and emotional integration.

* The seeding of a new cycle.

* Re-owing pleasure.

* A location immerses in nature to support and facilitate our journey.

* Fresh, genuine food, mainly based on vegetables and aromatic plants, cooked with care and love by a person who will devote herself exclusively to cooking, to nourish our soul as well as our body.

* Allied plants.


Within the astonishing beauty of the Sicilian mountains of Madonie.

Pura Vita Casale Officinale

Madonie – Polizzi Generosa – Sicilia


From Wednesday 13th into Sunday 17th July 2022

We begin our journey, on the 13th, the night of the full moon, with the opening ceremony.

Arrival on the 13th at 17.00 o’clock

Departure on the 17th at 20.00 o’clock.

If needed, it is possible to stay one night longer and have dinner and breakfast. You will be asked an small extra contribution.


The process will be open to participants of any nationality, skin colour, religious, political and sexual orientation: Italian and English will therefore be used in equal measure to ensure fluidity of participation, although the main language of the process will not be the verbal expression, but instead, it will be the language of the soul (the sensory and imaginal body, which acts as a bridge to other bodies: physical, energetic and emotional and ultimately spiritual).



To show our gratitude to the land that welcomes us and receives us in the core of her flourishing nature, we have decided to offer participants of Italian origin or living in the land, 100 euros discount.

Deadline early bird: 15 June 2022

Early bird: 450 euros / Sicilians: 350 euros

After the 15th of June: 500 euros / Sicilians: 400 euros

The contribution includes the entire journey, the 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and accommodation in own tent.


Own tent: included in the contribution

Pura Vita’s (3 or 4 places available) tent: 10 euros x night

Farm holiday houses (At very short walking distance from our location): contribution based on the place (Just contact us, for any information about accommodation and transport)


To accompany our journey, local regenerating food, mainly based on vegetables and aromatic plants.

The meals are included in the contribution.


Wishing to offer space to everyone needs,

we open this adventure to an intimate group of 10 participants.

If you wish to join, please send an email to

You book your place by sending an email and after that by making a deposit of 50% of the entire contribution.

The registration fee will be refunded only if we, as organizers, we have to cancel the event due to force majeure (failure to reach the number of participants, natural disasters, serious injuries). Any other special payment requests will be taken into consideration if communicated in time and assessed individually.

Who we are

Stefania Ammirata  is a movement artist, body therapist, Spiritual Family Constellation facilitator, OSF’s teacher and Bach Remedies practitioner. Since more than 15 years, she lives completely off the grid in a community in The Netherlands, deep in resonance and movement with nature. She is an adventurer, exploring the unknown within the physical and energetic fields, within and around us. Weaver of networks of sentient and communicative connections with our essential nature, the other and the “whole”, she has being exploring ways to fully be, move and express from our natural, imaginative, perceptive, sensing and fluid body. and

Emanuela D’Agostino is an anthropologist, naturopath, forest medicine guide (AIMeF), theater-art therapy operator and organizer of events related to well-being and the world of plants. Founder of the association Pura Vita, which is based in Polizzi Generosa (PA), in the heart of the Madonie Park and of the agriculture farm Casale Officinale.  She lives surrounded by nature together with her small family carrying on activities linked to a regenerative agriculture, in a perspective of profound connection with Nature (internal and external).

For the Italian version of our event:

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