Wombing ~ Whispers from the Womb

A Dance Journey

Wombing is the dance that births and rises from the ancient wisdom of our wombs, our ovaries, our tubes. Wombing is a rite. Each breath, each movement is a prayer, telling of the mysteries treasured within our most secret lands. It is a journey through the erotic and sensual landscape of our feminine territories. Wombing is the whisper of our purest light within. The whisper of a life that is pulsing to be danced into existence.

Our Resources: OSF & the Moving Body, The Wheel of Consent, Pelvic & Psoas Touch.

This journey is for you when:

  • You are a binary or not binary woman.
  • Dance is your medicine, or you wish to explore yourself in movement and through movement. Discover your own dance. 
  • You are ready for a meeting with the strength and wisdom that resides in our feminine body.
  • Ready to bring clarity into your relational patterns. With yourself, the other and with life.
  • You are feeling the need to meet and heal your mother line. Our doorway into the spiritual field and our connection with the Larger feminine.
  • You are feeling the call of the long forgotten landscape of our womb and you are willing to offer freedom to  the movement of your songs, your dances, your births and your soul. 
  • You are willing to listen and follow the whispers of your own deep feminine lands. Deep into the pelvic realm, deep into the psoas.
  • There is a deep wish to be held and hold in presence and love within a circle of women.
  • You would like to experience what the Wheel of Consent is.

Women of all ages are welcome. Menstruating or not. Still having a physical womb and ovaries or not. As women we are always, always cycling with the cycles of the Great Mother, with the waxing and waning of the Moon and the dance of the seasons. All of our resources as women are contained within our pelvic landscape. We are moved from our own internal rhythm, intuition, creativity and wisdom at each stage of our life. 

When: A four days journey. Saturday 12 & 19 (with the full moon) & 26 March and 02 April 2022 from 14.00 till 17.00.

Where: Studio Resonantia, Van Hetenstraat 59 – 7415 TT Deventer

Contribution: 111 euros.

If you register till the 5th of March, your contribution will be 101 euros.

If you cannot afford it, just contact me, together we find a way through.

Registration: Registration is required, for a minimum of 4 into a maximum of 8 participants. A very intimate group of women that are unfolding from their own deepest depth. 

You take your place by getting your ticket.

Our tickets: https://www.chipta.com/tickets/event/46957/wombing/

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/336239838357535?ref=newsfeed

You wish to hear more?  Send an email to info@resonantia.nu.

Art: Jimmy Lawlor