Women Gathering: 8th March – Celebrating our Fertility


This gathering is dedicated to all the women that with self respect have been, are, and will be standing for their values and their truth. 
The intention is togetherness, it is to reawaken our co-participation with the creative female force of life, to reawaken our being intertwined with all of our ancestors, and to seed the future we dream for the women that will come.
The intention is to create an intimate sacred space, of equal sharing, where we can hold each other hands in movement and in stillness, where we dare to explore our vulnerabilities and our strengths…….to create an intimate sacred space where we can practice becoming ourselves, where we can practice allowing our revolutionary, rebel, creative, intuitive, caring, present goddess within speak her heart……….an intimate sacred space where the moon, the nature and each other are the guides towards the reawakening of our inner self.

Mother Earth is awakening into the creative movement of the spring season, time to celebrate life in all her manifestations, time to celebrate our dreams and to guide our intentions into the light.

As women we have the power to rest in the silence of the winter, to cherish and nourish, with every dark moon our seeds of life inside ourselves as well the power to share fertility and give life, we have the power to move and transform with the cycle of life, to allow decay and invite life to feed us.

Every moon cycle is mirroring our inner process, from the dark moon, a place of letting go and seeding of intentions, into the fool moon, a place of manifestations and celebration.

On the 8th of March, we want to start a process of togetherness, celebrating our lives as women, our fertility and our qualities of sharing, supporting and caring from the heart.

We want to invite you into a journey where our diversity, our experiences, encounters, beliefs, can be shared and offer to each other in order to feel supported into expanding our awareness.

We want to invite you into a sacred space, where our strength reveals our interconnectedness, reveals the true nature of what it means to be creative, a sacred space of celebration of life and of giving into the light.

The Journey: We are going to gather in the sacred circle, around the light in the center, the place where all our intentions move through and are transformed into life. We are going to gather, listening and be listen to, sharing our heart stories and intentions, by being in a receptive attitude of thoughtful speaking and deep listening and by embodying and practicing our creativity and caring energy. The words will move into dancing, into drawing, meditating, making music, massaging, into creating powerful sharing.

When: 8 March 2018 from 19.00 till 10.00

Where: Buitengewoonbijbabet, Deventerweg 48 – 7214 DH, Epse.

Fee: On donation

Registration: Because of the limited space, registration is required. Just send an email to info@resonantia.nu.

(Next women-moon gathering: the dark moon on the 13th of June. The moon of the South, a place warmth, growth and flowering).